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3 way CFL's at 6500 K on my Ten Gallon

well i took a very cheap set up and customize the heck out of it
i have a Rena xP3 175 U.S. gal : 350 U.S. gal/hr (660L 1,350L/hr)basically filtering at about 10 percent of its normal rate, by circulating alot of its flow back into itself with ball valves. flourite, and a few plants.
mainly what i did was rip out the fixtures that were under the hood, and installed two 3 way light socket fixtures. and put a
Bright Effects 50-100-150 Watt 3 Way Twist CFL

equating to 12w,21w, or 32 watss per bulb, whatever i choose at 6500 K

heres some pictures, i know i'm going to need CO2

so whats everyone think about that????
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Why do you think you will need CO2?

Several beautiful tanks are posted around on these forums... Most of them use the low tech method. No supplemental CO2, a weekly dose of Flourish Comprehensive, and lower lighting...

Good growth (admittedly not explosive) but low maintenance.. I like it.

In the aquarium plants forum, look for byron's stickies at the top. "A natural approach to the planted aquarium".

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2


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thanks for the response

yeah , well i'm not buying the hype they put out about florescent and led bulb ratings, so i'm using 64 watts, and its a three way florescent , so if i get to much light, i can turn it down a notch and it up at 48 watts, and then if thats to much i can turn it down another notch and get to 24 watts. sooooo we will seee!!!

how do you consider a snail in the aquarium as far as oxygen consumption???
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sounds good you got any pics???

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i'll take a few more

i'll take a few more
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Hah, I have that hood. Probably the same tank.

Cool idea modding for brighter lights. What are you planning on keeping in there?
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i have a few oto cats, a few siamese algae eaters, a leapard fish, and a pictus cat and two guppys. i am setting up a 55 gallon.... driftwood, rocks, flourite, HID lighting, CO2 ph controller, and a bunch of other stuff, looking at trying discus
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