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That algae looks like brown diatoms to me, which is very common in newly set up tanks. I wouldn't even worry about it, it'll go away on its own. That's what happened with it in all my tanks when they were newly set up.

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I've also setup a small 5.5 gallon tank, our second. The first is our hospital/quarantine tank. I plan on using this one to breed ramshorn snails eventually as we plan to keep two figure eight puffers in our 27 gallon hex that's also cycling. I just set it up last night so the water is still pretty cloudy from the sand, I should've done the upside down bottle trick to put it in.

Just a thought, if you're going to keep snails for puffs I'd go with ramshorns and common pond snails, as ramshorns take ages to reproduce, far slower than those little puffs will need, and pond snails are like rabbits! I've got puffs and the pond snails are definately better. Fab fish, great fun to watch and really curious to, good luck they're fab fish
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I'll may not bother breeding the pond snails as the owner of my LFS is pretty cool and said I can just come in with a bag can go hunting through his plants for any I want. He gets them as hitchhikers all the time.
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UPDATE: Ich and New Plants

So had a bit of a setback...one of the cory cats seems to have ich. So I've started treatment by slowly raising the temp. to 86-87F and adding a minimal amount of salt (about 1/5 dosage for now) as cory cats are sensitive to salt. I've also removed my anubias as I've read that they're sensitive to heat and I'm afraid the high temps will kill them, or at least hurt them. To help cut down on the ich population I added a micron filter attachment to the new powerhead I got, I read that this will help some. I also did a see remodeling on the tank, right before I noticed the ich, I removed the log and added some more rocks. I wanted to open things up and give more room for the fish to swim. The log was too large for the aquarium I think...

On the bright side of things my plant order from Dustinsfishtanks came in today. I missed the original delivery yesterday and got to the post office too late to pick it up. Seriously...I got there at 4:33 and they closed at 4:30...eff me right? I got there early this morning to pick it up. When the postal dude handed me the box the bottom was wet and water was slowly dripping out. I just knew I'd open the package to find a bunch of dead, dry, plants but thankfully they were ok. The order was mostly more anubias var. nana with some other plants in as fluff (Dustin has a $40 minimum order). I got a java fern for the puffer tank, and some more dwarf sag for the little 5.5g snail tank.

So right now my fish are slow roasting in the main tank (which I'm checking hourly), the anubias is chilling out in my quarantine tank, and that's about it for now.
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Anubias floating in the quarantine tank.
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Quick update, I've finished my heat treatment for the ich. I had the temperature running at 89 F for 10 days. I understand this is very high for cory cats, but I monitored them closely (just about hourly) for the first few days and they really didn't show any signs of stress. Yesterday was the last day of the treatment so I lowered the temp (slowly) back down to the normal 78 F(ish).

I added in the anubias (will have pictures up eventually), and moved some rocks around a little. Shortly after the remodeling I noticed one of the cory cats was covered in white specs. He had showed little of no signs of this until I noticed it after moving things around so I'm assuming it's just sand. He was covered when I first noticed, but now he just has a few specks. This is almost exactly what happened with the other cory cat, leading me to believe it might have all been a scare over some sand.

Is it possible the little guy could go from no signs to covered in a matter of hours after having spent 10 days at 89 F? I've read about some strains of ich that can still reproduce in 86 F+ temps but he wouldn't have just started showing signs all of a sudden right? Anybody else have white sand with the darker cory cats, is it common for it to tag along on them for a while?
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Cycling 29 gallon tank any ideas or usefull info im missing

so ive been having a heck of a time trying to get my water right. last week i dumped all my water and started over. now im using reverse osmosis water (its soffened) so im using thease piramid mineral things, i also added "nutrafin cycle" to help get my tank cycling. i took a sample of my water to the fish store and my ammonia was at 6ppm. now i am a water change freak, perhaps i do them too often or too big i try to stick to 10 to 20 % only when the levels get high but now my ammonia seems to be going down and my nitrites going up. i guess i forgot to mention its a 29 gallon tank with a bunch of fake plants and hiding places i currently have 2 plecos and a dwarf groumi in there. i know the plecos will get too big but by the time they begin to get big ill have a huge tank so im not to concerned about that. right now they are only about 2 inches. but anyways how high should i let my nitrites get before i do water changes and should i add anything else to my water? i bough chemicals before when my water was bad. i think that may have been one of the problems. also my water has high alkaline... i just dont get that at all. so any help would be great im missing something. i have nitraban not sure even when to use this, i will probably end up throwing it away because im scared of it (i had 3 fish die, and im blaming it on too high of buffers in the water) maybe thats stupid... i dont know. any imput would help, im fairly new and want to do this right. im also thinking about putting together a 10 gallon for a hospital tank
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Originally Posted by Kaysha View Post
but anyways how high should i let my nitrites get before i do water changes and should i add anything else to my water? i bough chemicals before when my water was bad.
I think generally around 25ppm is alright for Nitrate, it's not nearly as toxic as nitrite or ammonia. I'm also pretty sure that adding chemicals isn't recommended most of the time. Seachem's Prime is pretty much all I use (save for Flourish Comprehensive/Excel for plants). Prime dechlorinates the water and all that jazz, but also helps by detoxifying nitrate and nitrite. Take all of that with a grain of salt, however, I'm still new myself. As a rule of thumb just stick to weekly water changes and you'll probably be safe.

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UPDATE: Ich Scare Over

So I kept noticing that the one cory cat would get white specs all over him...despite the ich treatment. I found, that the spots would come and go, and never seemed to stay very long. This lead me to wonder if it was sand, as my sand is just about white. So I came up with a way to test this... I decided to move all of my cory cats into a new 20g long tank that I've setup, this tank has different sand. I figured this would be a way to see if it was actually ich, or just the sand from the other aquarium. So a week after being in the new tank, no white spots...

I've also monitored the other fish in the tank (two otos) since the scare first came about, and not once have they shown any signs of the ich. So it was all a big scare...yay. The tank looks completely different from the last time I posted a photo, I'll have new pictures up soon.
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I read this entire thread, and LOVE the idea of a thread to document your aquatic journey!!!

Your pictures are amazing, and your tanks are beautifully done!!! I cant wait for it to be all done with the cycle and stocking to see how they all look!!!

I am a little late, but welcome to TFK!

*They call me, Amanda*
Tank 1: (29 gal planted) empty
Tank 2: (15 gal) empty
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