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if your gourami still seems a bit stressed another suggestion would be to add some extra floating plants for some sort of cover...i had a dwarf gourami once and as soon as i added a plant that covered the top of the water he was much more calm and claimed it as his own little house :)

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Well putting the Dwarf male in with the Opaline seemed to stress the little guy even more so I moved him back to the Guppy tank. He seems much much more at ease in there so that is where he will stay. Maybe he just needed to have a bit more appreciation for the peaceful tank. ha ha

Thanks Crazy4 fish for the suggestion. I do have floating plants in all my tanks. Actually they are all quite heavily planted over all. He had plenty of hiding spots in the big tank but I just didn't wish to risk him stessing himself to death. I think it might have been alright with him in the bigger tank as nobody acts aggressivly but why risk it? He is too cute and sweet to put him in that situation.

Now to find some fun tank mates that will make up a slower moving peaceful 25 gallon tank. Good with plants

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