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20gal long stocking help

This is a discussion on 20gal long stocking help within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by thenewguy Ok, here is a recap on what i still need to know: do Serpae Tetras get along with Bloodfins? Would ...

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20gal long stocking help
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Originally Posted by thenewguy View Post
Ok, here is a recap on what i still need to know: do Serpae Tetras get along with Bloodfins? Would Julii Corys do well with Bloodfins as well? And does the test kit have strips for GH? That is pretty much all that I need to know right now.

EDIT: ok jennesque, i will keep an eye out for some API GH testing agents/strips.
On the Serpae Tetra and Bloodfin Tetra, yes, but no. Both species are known fin nippers. And to offset this tendency,keeping more of them in larger quarters can work--sometimes. Since you only have a 20g which is limited space, i would not fill it up with either species, there isn't room anyway for 12 Serpae plus anything else. Check the profiles for explanation.

The Bloodfin can work if you're careful with other fish. Would you be adverse to taking these back? This would open up options for you.

And i agree with whomever said, to contact the water supply people on the GH and KH (carbonate hardness or Alkalinity). Test kits for these are not needed unless you start adjusting the water, which should not be necessary.

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thanks so much jennesque i found an API GH/KH test kit on Amazon for 8.99. I will be purchasing these two kits before adding more tetras or corys of another species. if i do add serpae tetras, I will be adding them last as to prevent unwanted aggression towards my bloodfins and Julii corys, that is hoping that my water perameters allow it.

EDIT: No offense Byron, but i just don't have the time to call my water company and no, im not going to take these fish back. I personally don't seem inclined to ever take a pet back to a store. I will just find a different tetra to add with my Bloodfins or just keep the Bloodfins as a single group of tetras. Me and my bloodfins are together till the end ;)

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