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Originally Posted by herefishy
Does anyone know how many Snickers' bars that would buy?
2000 in terms of Philippine peso I think.

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well blue, i dont think you really want to know how much we spent on our saltwater tank....lol........this year it was well over $3,000, probably way higher than that.
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My guess between the 7 tanks.

About $4,000 for 4 established freshwater tanks, now about $10,000 total in 2 years.

About $7,000 for 3 salt tanks, about $15,000 total over 1.5 years.

Thats's for everything, electricity, fish, supplies. This year is going to be even worse. Projected 400g tank and set up, about $8,000 will be earmarked but I'll be lucky to get the water, liverock and substrate in it by the end of 07 for that little amount of cheese.
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Wow i dont know where you get your tanks and supplies from but you guys are spending a lot more than me per gallon. I spent ruffly 3,500 on my 450 gallon total set up; sump, pump, 2-4x65 pc lighting, tank, stand, UV, heater, bio material, decor.
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I am unfortunately in there with CM:

I purchased my bow front tenecor in 2006.

Then paid a LFS to "set it up" which was absolutely no joy.

Then had to retrofit the aquarium in order to cause it to functrion.

Then had to buy fish, GN's, QA's, etc.

Then had to buy supplies to make the aquarium function.

Then had to buy pumps due to my experiementations.

Just goes on and on.

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*1st post changed due to the post after this one*

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Now this thread is starting to look like a pissing contest. LOL
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probly around 250
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I think that if I had saved all the money ive spent on fish in my life I would be a bit richer lol. Perhaps enough to buy my self a new car. Was it worth the money? I think so. Nothing can take away the knowledge and appreciation I now have for aquatic and marine life.

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Well gumpster, I did get the 125g, glass canopies, and cabinet on sale for $500. Went downhill from there. The total includes 150# of gravel, 4 power heads, ugf, 2 Magnum 350s, 3 Marineland 400s, 4 light strips, rock work, driftwood, don't know how many swords, anubius, crypts, apondogen, java ferns, java moss, acoris, and other plants. I was kind of surprised myself when I had to get my VISA out. It was well worth it though. It is one of my best looking tanks and is still "growing in". It is probably the last BIG tank I'll invest in. The fish room downstairs, where all of the breeding/rearing tanks are, seems to be taking more and more of my time(and money).
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