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Alright! Thanks again you two, duly noted.
Will get neons, rather than danios.
...And sadly admitting to myself that guppies and shrimp aint gonna happen (darn, I love those little things!)

Okay, so I will leave the water alone for a while, with the four wee inmate minnows (they're just house-sitting temporarily), plants and a bit of cycle, flake food and other tank's filter squeezings now and then.
Maybe will buy some more minnows to pad out the chain gang, if anything.

I did add a couple of dusty, reddish rocks yesterday, perhaps that will help raise the KH a bit. If not, will go with the crushed coral/dolomite stocking solution. Anywhere I can find more info on this method, i.e quantities involved (or, you could share exactly how you do it, Angel :)...?)
I lke what you said, so would definitely prefer to force the water slightly harder, to have the stability associated.

If the kh eventually levels out higher, ideally around 5 or 6 degrees I guess (naturally, or with additives if needed) and hopefully the PH somehow magically drops to mid or high 6 sooner rather than later (haha, fingers crossed!), then would a group of about twenty neons still be a good first set of fish in there? I've heard they can be very delicate, and as they prefer the super-soft water would 8 corys be better to start with? Or, a different hardy starter fish...?

Also, I've heard conflicting opinions on mixing a solo German ram with 2 or more honey, pearl or dwarf gouramis... supposedly if there's enough planting, and hides, and the ram, which 'typically' hangs out lower down, is added last, and is younger/smaller, it should be okay (says unbiased fishkeeping friend)... I wonder how true this is, and what the chances of harmony would be?

Thanks again for your patience with my unending questions
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