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Originally Posted by Tryin2fish89 View Post
and i know this probably is wrong, but seems logical. If my stand can hold the weight of my tank... then why couldnt the floor that supports my roof??
Your walls support your roof not your floor. Your floor transfers weight to the walls. How you place a large tank is very important when your are dealing with a floor made of wood. Placing a tank running against one wall can be very dangerous compared to placing it against another wall. The support beams(joists) for example under the floor run across the floor in only one direction. In my parents 30 year old house these beams are 9"x2"s and are placed about 15" apart. Placing a tank( even a 55) so it is parallel to the joists is not suggested as it places a lot of weight on only a couple support joists the floor will spread it out some). Placing the tank so it is perpendicular to the support beams spreads the weight out because there are now more joists running under the tank.

When there are heavy objects built into a home like a bath tub, the floor beams are often reinforced. A bathtub is not even that heavy.

Every house is different though. There are key supports in every house. The outside walls are are important I know that. Not ALL the inside ones are though. Some are key supports though. Example would be my old house had a large basement with not many walls. There was a cement pillar from floor to ceiling, pretty sure that was important lol.

Here is a good link for you: how large an aquarium can my floor support

Also an additional reason why basement is better. Even if the floor holds and doesn't sag or anything. Disasters can happen and 200gallons is A LOT of water. If your tank ever did(even though the chances are slim) fail significantly the damage will be serious. Carpet would be your least concern. The wood under your carpet and the floor joists are not treated wood they will absorb water. Basement is carpet, maybe some sheet wood, then its concrete.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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To put it in perspective a bit more your tank, filled w/ gravel would weigh close to the same amount that my car does. Its not a compact either lol!

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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Definitely should put 100 goldfish in it

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I had 3 Oscars and 2 Bala sharks in a 90 and that was tight when full grown. You have an incredible opportunity here! Research... visit the LFS and reasearch some more. We are only going to tell you what we like and for our own reasons. What do you like? Raising fry, aggressive fish, community, fast swimmer or slow swimmers, loners? Think also about do you want plants or rocks? The fish you pick with deterimin what will end up in there soemtimes.
ps my 45 leaked all over my hardwood floor while we were on vacation so it does happen.

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Do you like big fish or small fish and whats your tap water like? ph and hardness and all that

I much prefer small fish and put my focus on the scenery, if there was any possibility of me getting another big tank Id like to do cichlids. With the ton of money you saved you could get some nice rocks and some demasoni, which was what I had planned to do.

Whatever you choose, enjoy the water changes.
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well im gonna get a professional come look at my house lol. Because i am now afraid haha. Thanks guys for all the help and comments. If i can actually set it up ill def do some kinda picture journal on here (:
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And p.s IM SO FRICKIN EXCITED... haha and if i cant have fish i think im gonna get some chameleons
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and my tap waters ph is a little low (6.5) and the hardness is low. Atleast that is how my 20 gallon is
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That still leaves a lot of options, you could have a south-american cichlid tank
(green terrors, oscars, uropthalmus, managuense, red devils, midas, pike cichlids, dovii, vieja)

Or a massive community tank-
(6 angelfish, 30 neon tetras, 30 black neons, 15 dwarf chain loach or corydoras, a pair of bolivian rams, and some huge plants)

You have a ton of options... You could even go simple, with 200 or so of a single small tetra... (black neons seem to shoal more)

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Ok I just wana know, how was the price only 47 dollars for both the tank and stand?

and you can always split the tank go with cichlid and community with s 150 to 50 gallon ratio or a 100 100 ratio.

also Im not sure how everyone else feels about this but you can put a arowana and a stingray in the same tank. Both would never come close to contact since the arowana is a top swimmer and the stingray is a bottom dweller.
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