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This is a discussion on 20 Gallon Tank =D within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by St6_Devgru ummm about them loaches based on my picutres my future stock would be okay right? my future stok is 10 ...

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China Hi Fin Shark
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Originally Posted by St6_Devgru
ummm about them loaches based on my picutres my future stock would be okay right? my future stok is
10 guppies,
4 neon tetras,
10 ghost shrimps,
2 bristlnose plecos,
4+ snails (dont know if there are more had one but found 3 more (came with my long plants)) and
2 loaches (these small 1 1/2 inchers at my lfs (petland)).
would that be overstocked? would it be crowded should i take out some plants or decor?

they are all in my tank except for the 10 guppies and 2 loaches. ill sell my mollies to make room for them. wat do you think? if other mods see this wat do you guys think? i find that your opinions are quite exquisite and have a flair of expertise :D
That would be almost overstocked already. Bristlenoses poo a lot. With 10 guppies, I hope you know that you'll be dealing with a lot of fry which can strain your filter due to overcrowded conditions.

What loaches were you exactly planning to get? You should identify them first before buying them. The only loaches I'd recommend are dwarf chain loach and kuhli loaches.

The snails that came from your plants are probably ramshorns or pond snails. IMO, I don't find them useful other than reproducing too much which is an advantage if you keep loaches(though not all loaches prefer snails for food).

Neons need company. I'd say reduce the number of guppies from 10 to 6. If you want females, the sex ratio should be one male to 2-3 females. Keep neons at 6-10.

By the way, decors and plants do not play part of the responsibility of being the cause of overcrowded conditions. Plants are very important as they consume nitrates brought by overcrowded conditions.

Be careful with stocking your tank. Some of the fish you buy are often juveniles and will still grow. Consider the final adult size of your fish especially your bristlenose which will be the greatest contributor of ammonia(uif your tank is not cycled) and nitrates.
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i have my ex 10 gallon tank to deal with the fry =D
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