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20 gallon tank

Alright well currently i have:

6 neon tetra
6 corydoras
5 otos

I just converted to a planted tank. I got a co2 system stays on all day but at night i have an airstone that turns on directly underneath where it comes out which forces it straight to the top so that large amounts of co2 arent in the water at night.

I have a southamerican theme going on and I was wonder if i could add a pair of german blue rams?
The problem is, my ph is at 7.8 which i know isnt what it should be at any suggestions on the blue rams and the ph is much appreciated thanks!
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with a planted tank your ph will rise during the day just slightly like .2 -.4 during the photosensitive process of your plants and then will slightly lower at night. you ph also lowers from the natrual cycle that your aquarium undergoes and any tannins will also alter your ph. most all of the things listes here when they flux the ph it isnt too big of a deal to the fish since it is a very small change that happens over the span of many hours. the reason fish need a steady non fluxing ph (something that is less than.5) is because they go through a process called osmosis which they do to keep their blood ph the same as the water ph. byron "a member on here" can ellaborate more on this subject.

the reason i say all that is to help explain why your ph is the way it is and to tell you that as long as your ph isnt crazy away from what your fish requires in its natrual habitat it should be fine. aslong as it is acclimated correctly and over time. the more time you take to add your water to the fishes bag of water lessens the chance of shock to the fish.
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Do you know anything that will slowly lower my ph to 7ish though, because SouthAmerican water is usually 5.5-7 and I want to keep german blue rams.
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thats pretty much all i know about ph. you may want to look for the members named fishinpole, byron or mollies they have a pretty broad knowledge of these things.
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actually come to think of it you can use peat in a media bag inside your filter to lower your ph. however your going to need to replace it after a month or so, but by doing this you will also be releaseing tannins in your water which will make it a tan/brown color. but the tannins are actually what lower your ph sooo.
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When CO2 is injected into the water it will create carbonic acid which will lower the PH, It doesn't lower by a set amount, it all depends on your KH.

When you switch the air stone on the injected CO2 will now gas off, causing the PH to rise again.

If you wish to keep Blue rams, i would go for a czech variety as german stock is often very poor! Also your temperature must be kept in the 28-32oC range and your GH be under 5, a PH of under 7 is fine.
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thanks guys, ive been doing some reading and most people said it's not the ph that really matters its how soft your water is. Im pretty water is pretty hard, any ideas on how to lower that?
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honestly in your case i wouldnt mess with it. in order to get soft water you gotta mess with either gh or kh i cant remember which will in turn effect you ph. gh, kh and ph all have a very close relationship to the alkalinty and acidity of your water. mess with one a little and you can really throw things outta whack. honestly i would look at diffrent fish. its so much more easyier to work with what you have instead of agianst it.
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