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20 gallon long Stocking help

I just started a 20 gallon long community tank. I have a few questions about stocking and plants:

1) Right now there is just 2 Mickey Mouse Platys and 2 Peppered Cori (I believe she told me cori) Catfish. I plan on adding a half dozen neon tetras this weekend. I am looking for a good centerpiece fish to compliment this community. Any suggestions?

2) I would like to pull up the gravel during a water change and add flourite to start a planted tank. I am only running the stock flourescent T8 that came with the hood and have no plans of upgrading the light. I wouldn't be opposed to adding CO2 if absolutely necessary, but would prefer to just add low-light plants to the tank. Any suggestions?

If either part of this thread needs to redirected to a different subforum, let me know.

Thanks - Jeff

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Cories are schooling fish so you need to add a few more to get at least 6. The neons should be fine but I would recommend at least 10 to bring out the best behavior. Then for a centerpiece you could go with maybe an apistogramma or German Blue Ram/Bolivian Ram.

For lighting you might need to get a new bulb. What is the wattage of your light? You should get a 6500K bulb that is at least 1W per gallon for the lowest light plants.
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I am not sure what the bulb is, I can check tonight when I get home. I was thinking a 6500K for plants, and I think I can get a T8 that does around 20 watts (I might have to upgrade the fixture and go to a T5).

What is the max amount of fish I can have. I am used to saltwater where between territory and bioload, adding fish was a delicate process and never was to exceed 1" of fish per two gallons of water (and even more stratified than that considering behavior and compability it was more like one fish per twenty gallons..lol).

I like the Bolivian Ram suggestion. I might go that route. Should he be kept alone?

Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

My 30 Gallon Long Marine Tank
My son's 20 gallon FW Community
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You could keep 3 of them in a tank your size. Make sure only 1 of them is male. You could possibly have 3 females with 1 male but I wouldn't put in more than that. You could possibly get a T8 dual fixture instead of t5 but that is up to you.

As to max number of fish it really depends on what fish you want and how active/aggressive they can get and what part of the tank they inhabit. I would say you could go 2 big schools at the top of your tank. A nice school of cories and the rams.
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