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20 Gallon Glo Lite tetra tank advice

Ok so I got this spare 20 gallon tank laying around, I have like 10 glow lite's in my big tank I am planning on putting in it. I also want to put a decent amount of live plants in there

1) is an Emperor 280 too much overkill?

2) what is a good light for a 20 gal planted? Do I need more than a florecent light like the all-glass florecent full hood?!

3) my glow lite's never use any of the "hiding spots" in the big tank they are in, they are always schooled together, if I have a decent amount of plants do I need any "hinding spots"?!

Thanks for the help!
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i cant answer on the other topics but theres nothing wrong with an overpowerfull filter as long as to can diffuse the current coming out of it by attaching a spraybar

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1) I have almost never had a problem with a bigger filter. In fact i always buy a bigger filter than normal.

2)I have a 30 all-glass hood and have kept live plants for 4 years and they have thrived.

3) i had glow lights about 2 years ago. They schooled up instantly and stayed school until i gave them to a friend, he said that they then formed 2 separate schools. The whole time they never really went to the hiding spots.

Good Luck!!! and give some updates

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They are unlikely to use the hiding spots if they have enough members to school. That being said the hiding spots still give them some security even if they are unused. It's like having seat belts and airbags in your car, even if you aren't in a crash they still make you feel safer in your car. They will like knowing they have somewhere to hide if need be, but if they don't get startled they aren't likely to use them.

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If I use an standard hood do I need to/should I change the bulbs out? If so to what?!
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Depends on what you mean by standard hood and what you intend to keep in the tank. Depending on the type of plants you keep some do fine with very little light, others need almost as much as corals. In general though you want a bulb in the 6,500 to 10,000k range for best plant growth.

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Can't agree with you there Tyyrlm. IMO, between 6000-7000K is the best for plant growth, with 6700k being the optimum amount. I know you already knew that, I was just correcting you.
Bulbs do actually come in a 6700k rating, they are generally available in t5, unless you guys in the states can also get them in t8, but will be High output bulbs, and will not be used to the bulbs full potential if you have a regular lighting fixture...

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