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20 gallon?

This is a discussion on 20 gallon? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hello I am going to pick up a 20 gallon tomorrow and have a few questions. I have a little experience with fish but ...

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20 gallon?

Hello I am going to pick up a 20 gallon tomorrow and have a few questions. I have a little experience with fish but not much. I have kept a male betta, with an african dwarf frog in a 5.5 gallon successfully for several months and would like to expand to other types of fish. If you could give me opinions on fish combinations and number of these fish i could keep I will consider everyones input. As I said I am somewhat a beginner, but am also willing to put time and effort into keepings something that may be a bit harder if I like how it sounds. Thanks!
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Two questions for you:

Is the tank a 20g high, or a 20g long? Also, what's the pH and hardness of your tap water?
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Well i have not got it yet so i could go with either long or tall! what would the difference mean for types of fish? And with the PH and hardness I had it tested at the store after i cycled my tank i have now but honestly cant remember the numbers..... I can try and figure this out.
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The surface area is significant as is the length. For instance, shoaling fish like tetras, rasbora, danios, etc need swimming room (some more than others) so a 20 long works better. The surface area is also greater with a long than a high, and this affects the gas exchange (oxygen in, CO2 out). Some fish have certain needs with respect to water flow and oxygen exchange. As you have the option of either, I would suggest deciding first on the type of fish then buy the appropriate tank for them.

Which brings us to: The water parameters matter because not all fish can live in the same water, as I expect you know. It is easier and less problematic to acquire fish that are compatible with you water rather than having to adjust the water to suit certain fish. This is sometimes easy, sometimes not and can be quite expensive long-term. But again, depending upon what you have out of the tap (which is usually the cheapest source considering regular water changes) and what fish you might like, there may be several options.

Once you/we know the water parameters, then you can narrow down possible fish; and the type of fish you decide on will determine if the long or high is best.

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