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20 Gal Can i get a Pleco or any algae eater?

Iv got 2 loaches and 4 platys in my new tank, and i wanted to add something that eats algae
i know bristle nose pleco would be too large in the future, i mean there isnt any pleco that wont grow so big is there. Any ideas? The sides of the tank are rather dirty so i need something to clean around you know.
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While it's always nice to have a cleanup crew, their is no substitue for basic, proper maintenance. During my weekly water change routine I scrub down the tank's walls, good old fashioned elbow grease works! There are also magnetic algae scrubbers on the market that work amazingly well.
What type of loaches are you keeping? Depending on the species you currently have, you may or may not have the *room* for one of the smaller plecos, ie: bristlenose, rubberlipped or clown pleco.

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I'm with Aunt Kymmie. At each water change, I take a clean paper towel and fold it into fourths. I then use this to wipe down the inside glass of my aquariums. Works really well and I seem to have more control. The plecos aunt kymmie suggested should/could work in 20 gal. just be sure and read up on their needs. You can google info on particular species or visit places like www.planetcatfish.com. A couple other plecos that might interest you are candystriped pleco and pitbull pleco. Plecos need vegetable matter in addition to algae, and some require wood to help with digestive process.
I don't recommend getting plecos unless you have plenty of algae and are prepared to leave it for the plecos. Many buy these fish, and once what little algae is present is gone,the fish slowly starve due to inability to get the foods needed.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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I'm trying paper towels on my next water change. It seems the "gunk" would stick to the towels instead of being released to float around in the water. Nice tip, thanks 1077!

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I have the weather loaches.

I Didnt no the plecos were like that. I dont have that much algae, nothing that i cant take off in a few minutes, i just thought it would be fun seeing them on the glass etc. Thanks
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i just recently rehomed my common pleco and got a bristlenose pleco....he is a pretty cool little dude. they do have some special eating needs. mine likes the drift wood and i also put some fresh veggies in there...like the others said just make sure you do your research before commiting to anything...keep us posted as to what you decide....oh yeah...i have a 20 gal too

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When dealing with plecos, remember that their bioload is double that of what a fish would generally have at their size. Also if you do not have much algae, plecos will consume your live plants.

If you want one for fun, its better to not get them since they are probably more trouble than the entertainment they provide. Of course this is up to you depending on how much work your willing to do to see a pleco on your glass...
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I personally have a common pleco and virtually no algea in the tank. he gets 1 algea wafer a night and I supplement that with cucumber and sometimes button mushtoom stem. seems to keep him happy :)

also my danios seem to like the algea tabs so what teh pleco doesnt eat they pick at :)
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