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Question 2 Seal or NOT 2 Seal ???

Got that used 30 gal cleaned up (with forum posters help & vinegar) Ty all...
NOW, wondering - the seals are still a little green, even after scrubbing-
when I was razoring to get the biggest green off, I chipped into a little of the
rubbery seal.

SO - Here's my Questions...

1. Should I go ahead & fill the tank to see if it leaks?

2. Or wait & leave it dry since I've been told I should reseal it - ummm..

2. Should I razor out the greenish seals & reseal?

3. How hard is resealing - will I screw the tank up?
(I've bought the sealant)- will scraping weaken the tank?

I hate being hesitant - but it was such a good deal, I'd hate to ruin it
with my ignorance.

Any help appreciated & the sooner the better, my days off start tomorrow.
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fill it to see if it leaks but do it outside. when you fill it measure how much you put in wait a few hours come back and see if any of it is gone. though if the seals are kind of old it wouldnt hurt to just redo it or put a little 100% silicone over the old stuff

its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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ok-lookin at it - one corner (of the seal) seems to be a little peely, a little rubbed off when I ran my finger up it, but the others look ok.

So it's ok to seal OVER the old stuff?
Just wanna be clear on that - I have the actual aquarium sealer to use.
Will check back later for answer...will wait before I fill it.

Think I'll put it in my front bath tub - it's a lil too heavy for me to be goin up & down stairs with (outside)..
ty again.
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i mean resealing it isnt going to hurt anything but i would be hesitant of taking off the old stuff and then the aquarium just falling apart. i would just fill it and see what happens, and live with the green on the seal itll save you alot of headache if you try to take off the old stuff than add the new stuff. Money
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You can test it for leaks, but if you decide it needs resealed, remove the old stuff.
Its not to big of a job. I just resealed a garage sale find. I removed all the old stuff and put new in.
If you leave the frame on the tank, everything stays in place.
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Could always re-seal one corner at a time with time allowed for each corner to dry. That way no danger of integrity being compromised.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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ty all!
I am gonna fill it today in a bathtub (thankfully I have 2) & hook everything up ( to see if filter & jets work ) & let it sit - to check for leaks..
THEN - if needed, will do it one corner at a time -

Finally - sounds like a plan!
Really appreciate the input!
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Of course reseal it! Even if it's just that one spot. It's cheap and quick. Cleaning up the mess from water all over the floor is not!
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ty again all! WELL... I 've had it filled for 5 days - ran all of the filters/jets etc they all work fine...
now the debating about sealing or setting up - I bought an old buffet to put it on ($15) with drawers & doors under to store all of this aquarium stuff I'm accumulating (town-wide garage sales) - now have 7 tanks lol (all diff sizes). I still have to get a hood for it - so have time to do whatever.
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Pictures Pictures Pictures

I have ben reading alot on this forum for about 2 weeks now..
and when we talk about our tanks ... that brings up questions
to others.. as to what our tanks look like.....
YOU KNOW WHAT...... I think I will post this in another area too...
I really didnt want to HIGH JACK YOUR THREAD... My appologies....
but I really would be interested in seeing your tanks.... I like to
get ideas from others ...
I would not reseal it ... It has been 5 days and all is well..
go ahead and set it up and enjoy it.....
just my 2 cents.

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