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2 fish dead... in my new aquarium.

First off Hi, i'm new to the forums and have been reading other posts on here how to start an aquarium and gathered other information. So I didn't add another "how to setup new aquarium" post I have a 10 gallon tank with a 100w heater, the filter that came with the setup. I set up the tank put water conditioner in, bacteria supplement in. waited 2 days then bought 3 guppys 2female 1male, and two small rainbow tetras. I put the fish in friday night. and just about an hour ago the one female and male guppy died. so they lasted 2 days, barely.

I put 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt in the water before the fish were put in, fed the fish only 2 times daily. the water temp is between 77-80. The water isn't murky or cloudy. I am assuming that the tank is going through the cylcle and the guppies can't handle the changes in NI?

What are your guys suggestions. Thanx
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um what was your bacteria supplement?

Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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you are right in your assumption about going through a cycle....any new tank you that gets set-up needs an ammonia source to build up the nitrites which help to convert the ammonia in the tank (fish waste, dead fish, excess food) into a less harmful version of it. Your fish will act as an ammonia source while your tank cycles. Like you said, guppies may not be the best fish to start with. Zebra Danios are most recommended, they are quite hardy fish.

The other and most important thing you will to do while your are cycling your new tank are water changes. You will need to test your water just about everyday, do a partial water change accordingly, about 20%, almost everyday in order to keep your ammonia levels under control while you are cycling.

Do you have test kit you can get us some samples off of? API makes a great kit...."API Master Liquid Test Kit", if you could get us a reading of your parameters, it would be very helpful. I hope this post helps you out a little bit.

Cycle is a very annoying, but very rewarding process. If completed successfully, it will cut down on your fish loss tremendously over the life of your tank. Be patient and tidious with your water checks and changes

And most importantly.....Welcome to the Fish Forum!!!
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Guppies and rainbow tetras are freshwater fish... why did you add aquarium salt?
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Rohland I use TopFin bacteria Supplement,

johnny D44, so I should take out 20% of the water and add it back into the tank with water conditioner every other day for how long? also I was thinking about buying a water test kit. I might buy that kit tomorrow, and buy 3 more rainbow tetras since thera 1 dollar and seem to bedoing well. I'll look into the danios as well.

Volkspider, The lady at the pet store told me to add 1 tbls for my ten gallon tank for the Guppies. she said they like that? I dunno I'm just going by what she told me.

Thank you guys for your help.
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I just cleaned the tank out replace about 2 gal of water, and there was food particles all over the place. I Know I over fed them now! man... I am debating on getting 1 or 2 bottom feeding fish to pick up particles the other fish don't eat. what are some good ones to start out with.
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for starters that was wayyyyyy to many fish to add to a 10gal at once. when its that small id add three then wait about two weeks or until ammonia drops. do WEEKLY 25% water changes maybe more if ammonia is high and wont go down. feed enough food for your fish to eat in 1-2 minutes. livebears are typically one of the more durable fish out there. just keep in mind it takes time for you biological filtration to even itself out aka colinize. i would look at loaches or something that dwells at the bottom STAY AWAY FROM COMMON PLECOS they have great big poo which spikes your ammonia which stresses your fish which leads to a headache for you and even death for your fish. Money

forgot to add: salt isnt really highly advised for your aquarium cant explain why all i know is some of the "senior aquarists" reccomend against it (byron can contribute here) i understand you did it maybe to ward off or treat a illness but untill you get more clarification on it stay away from it.

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Thanx Money, yea I am going to get a water tester kit and when I'm there I think I'lll get a bottom dwelling fish to help me with cleaning. The Aquarium salt I bought says it's for Freshwater fish. Adds essential electrolytes improves gill function and promotes disease recovery. I won't add anymore. thanx for the advice.
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yeah byron is the master on the "salt for freshwater" posts, I do know that it has something to do with building up 'gunk' in their gills, which is how they breathe.

I missed the part about it only being a 10 gallon tank....with your ratio of male and female guppies, keep an out because they mulitply like jack rabbits....

you will want to monitor your parameters everyday to make sure they do not get out of contorl, you can keep them in check by doing water changes.....
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JohnnyD44 yea I don't mind them multiplying. lol if they stay alive long enough! I am going to go buy this kit today to test the water. what are the levels of everything supposed to be?
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