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The carbon will actualy take most meds out of the water. Also watch if the med has copper in it then you need to use a declorinater that does not say remvoves heavy metals. The ph chemicals are not going to work if you have a high Gh or Kh reading they act like a buffer to keep the ph where it is. ( much much research looking to bring my Kh up taught me some water chem) What ick meds are you useing some work better then others it seems. And I'll agree I would add an airstone it couldn't hurt. Also what kinda of filter do you have and are you useing gravel on the bottom it helps hold the good bacteria but it gives the ick a place to live when not on the host so you can argue for it either way.
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not sure what an "air stone" is. I have a separate air bubbly line that has a little plastic barrel looking thingy at the end and blows bubbles. (great fishy techno jargon, huh!) ;op

ick med is tank buddies dissolving tabs; looks like alka seltzer and it's blue.
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hardwater species??

Theoretically..... if all fish die. any special cleaning needed before starting over with perhaps hardwater species of fish??? will ick live in dry air surface??

types of hardwater starter fish????

Temp up to 80* right now. rest of fish swimming around. ONE DAY AT A TIME SWEET JESUS.....

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If all the fish die, then you should wait a few weeks before adding new fish and leave everything running to give the beneficial bacteria colony some time to build up. And when you do don't add the whole tank full at a time. dd one or two at a time to give the good bacteria time to catch up with the demand of ammonia converting.

This is an air stone:

Not sure what makes fish do headstands, but I'm guessing it's some kind of poisoning or something. Happens a lot when a fish is slowly dying..

"He situates himself in relation to time. He takes his place in it. He admits that he stands at a certain point on a curve that he acknowledges having to travel to its end. He belongs to time, and by the horror that seizes him, he recognizes his worst enemy. Tomorrow, he was longing for tomorrow, whereas everything in him ought to reject it."
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Maybe try a diffrent med?? I have never used a tablet befor anyone else know anything about them?? Ick makes it hard for the fish to breath since it invades the gills are they "playing in the bubbles?"
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If this doesn't work out and you end up needing to restock the tank, leave everything running and continue to add some ammonia to the tank (via fish food, shrimp, or pure ammonia) in order to keep your beneficial bacteria alive.

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Hi All, Blessings to everyone! been a while since my last post. thought we were doing well. had 10 out of 14 fish alive. water clear and i thought chem levels were doing good. not sure which came first. ick returning or high nitrite levels or . attempted quick cure again; says to take out carbon filter. tried 10 gal (of 29 ) water change with no change in nitrite level. ammonia is good and nitrates are safe per strips. oh by the way,prob. last week aquarium salt has been added per package instructions.

my plan at moment (basically no other changes since all the advice.) :

Water change again tomorrow. add stress zyme which introduces helpful bacteria to cycle faster.

get a carbon filter back in. (tank has a foam filter and a little accordion wheel filter that we have never messed with)

get new heater since the new one we purchased is preset to 78*; and raise temp back up to 80*

get bubble stone for tank and put in. long rectangular looking thing.


probably shouldn't add any corys until water / ick is clear. thought maybe they would help with cleaning up the bottom of the tank, etc. eventully my plan is to have about 3 or 4 of them.

any comments???
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I wouldn't add any Cory's until your tank has fully cycled. They're also a social fish so the more you get the happier they will be. I'd say get at least 6, maybe 8.
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it sounds like your tank is still going through its cycle. did you stop all the meds other then your dechlorinator and salt?? me, personally, dont run carbon in ANY of my tanks unless i need to remove meds. in that case i run the carbon for 3-4 weeks then remove it and just add filter floss. good job on not touching the acordian thingy (AKA bio-wheel) lol. When i first got into this hobby last year i did the same as you, i received a complete 20 gallon set up from a friend filled it and added fish. Luckily enough for me all my fish faired well through the cycle but it did take about a month for the cycle to complete. i do not know what kind of dechlorinator you are using but PRIME made by seachem is a good one and is almost always recommended by the folks on here.
+1 for no corys...not yet anyways. they are sensitive fish and do best when placed in a cycled tank and in a shoal of 5. Can you give us an updated list of all the fish you currently have left in the tank??

"Fish are friends not food"
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currently have 1 gold gourami; 2 black mollies; 2 black skirt tetras; 3 rosey barbs; 2 red eye tetras; Please remember that this probably unlikely grouping wasn't all my idea. any comments on my plan of action? also. a floss filter? never heard of it. but if an alternative better than carbon filter.... fill me in. THX!
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