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150 gallon - Water changes?

I'm just about to pull the trigger on a 150. Tuesdays the day.

One concern is water changes.

Assuming Im doing a 25%, it's just under 40 gallons a time. That's insane!

Are there any simpler ways than carrying 40 gallons of buckets from room to room?
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you could get a dolly that has wheels so you dont need to cary them....lol. Honestly im not sure i usually just lug the bucket...how ever i only have a 20 gallon so my water changes are miniscule compared to the work your gonna have to do

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buy a large rubbermaid garbage can for brewing water up to temp for water changes....They have them up to 50 gallons.......I have used thei method for years and it allows you to have water at temp and conditioned for emergency water changes or somewhere to put fish if a tank develops a leak.......It has saved my butt or more than one occasion.......With a heater in the bottom and a sump pump to deliver it in the correct tank, its an easy alternative to the water bucket lugging...............I have alot of tanks so i think this method works well for me, if you only have a few, it might not be worth your while........Congrats on the 150!..........Sooner or later a 300 is gonna make its way to my basement!
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Wheels, thats actually not a bad idea!

It just worries me slightly, water changes on my 30 gallon are work enough. The water changes in this beast are going to be well over the volume of my entire current tank!
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it is going to be A LOT of work but it is going to be worth it!!!!

"Fish are friends not food"
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Yeah that's true. I can't wait.

Still got to work out some way of transporting the tank though..
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For my 210 gal, I use the Python. Aquarium Maintenance & Water Changes: Python No Spill Clean 'N Fill

You can safely remove 25% of the water and replace it with new water directly from the sink. I just add water conditioner to the tank water, before refilling.
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i guess strapping it to your back is out og the question?? lol jk........are you buying from and individual or a store??

"Fish are friends not food"
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Water Changes


I have been thinking about this way of water changes.. but I have been really
I have not been so sure that its good for the fish...
I have now a 210 gallon tank that I will be starting a build thread on.. and I personally
do not want to change the water with the bucket method. I have been so far on my other
tanks ... 10 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon 75 gallon and 120 gallon..

SO I guess the real threat is Chlorine... and Water Temp ??? you add the chemical directly to the tank before you add the tap water? makes since but have you had any problems with water temp? when
adding the fresh water back to the tank?

I personally use an expensive heat gun... Temp Gun... laser shot I get the reading from the
tank I am removing the water and then while I am filling the bucket with fresh water I keep
checking the water temp I try to get it one degree higher....

Please give me more information about your process of water change with the python... I am very
interested in such a process myself....... seems to me that it would be MUCH EASIER...
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That python gadget looks sensational! Does it come with all the various fittings?

Buying the tank from an individual. 5x2x2 with 14mm glass so it fits tons of water into a relatively small space.

It would make a fantastic marine tank.. if only I didn't have so many big cichlids that need a new home (and did have shed tons of money spare).
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