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10g Stock question

This is a discussion on 10g Stock question within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I just got my 5th tank - a 10g I want to keep snails in it. Right now this is what I have - ...

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Old 07-08-2011, 08:57 PM   #1
10g Stock question

I just got my 5th tank - a 10g I want to keep snails in it.

Right now this is what I have -

6 neon tetras
2 Nerite snails
2 Malasian Trumpet Snails

I want to add some Ramshorn snails, since I lost my large one to a cichlid

Is this considered overstocked? I don't want to add more fish, but just the snails.

Also, since it is a new tank, I'm not sure what to feed the snails so they survive.

(oh, and yes, I seeded the filter and used substrate, water, and decorations from my cycled tank)
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Most of us find that snails do very well finding "stuff" that nothing else (including the aquarist) can. I would be cautious about introducing excess food for snails with fish in the tank.

Ramshorn snails have been known to eat live plants. Plants aren't mentioned, but with neon tetra live plants should be in the tank, so this is a snail you might want to avoid. The Malaysian Livebearing is ideal. I also like the pond and acute bladder snails. All these are fine with plants, they only eat dead or decaying plant matter, not healthy live plants.
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PaperclipGirl (07-10-2011)
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I've kept pond and ramshorn... If you want some of my ramshorns, I can send you some for shipping. They've never eaten my plants.
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PaperclipGirl (07-10-2011)
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Well - we must be on the same wave length Bryon..... I just picked up some live plants for my neons before I read this post.

I have never had live plants that lived too long. I had goldfish that ate them and I didn't try with my first community tank, nor with my cichlids. So I thought I'd start somewhere.

I added 4 wisteria, 1 java fern, and 4 amazon swords.

I didn't get the ramshorn snails, but I might eventually. I would love to put them in with my goldfish after they are big enough.

I'm not sure how the plants and sand are going to work out, but I have some small pots and gravel if all else fails.

Red - I would LOVE some! I have been looking all over for them and have decided that I'm going to have to buy some to have them shipped. I live in Idaho and temps are really high right now (100's) but I can have you send them to my office. I'll pm you with the details, if you tell me how much! THANKS!!!!

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