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10G betta home

hello i have nothing bought or setup yet but I am looking intoo making a planted 10 g tank for a betta
I would really appreciate any suggestions anyone could make!
I would like to know what type of filter would be best, lights, heater
I was thiking of using eco complete and sand for gravel scaped in a river style with plants and rocks on the eco complete .
so I await you guys opinion It would be greatly appreciated ! thanks in advance!


Ps : a little out of subject but 2 days ago i found this lovely snail in my aquarium grazing on a peice of wood!
I was happy since I heard they keep things clean! so I leave it there and today i find an empty shell at the bottom of the aquarium hmm i have 6 black ruby barbs 4 zebra danio and a twig catfish who do you guys think is the culprit? :P
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If you go to Petsmart (probably Petco too) they'll have a 10g starter kit. It's usually far cheaper to go that route than to buy everything individually. You'll get the tank, hood, light, heater, filter, and net out of it and all appropriately sized for the tank. Remove the carbon if you can from the filter media, some say it removes nutrients the plants need. You can just rinse the filter pad in tank water to clean it each week, and re-use it until it literally falls apart on you.

If you're going for eco complete because of the plants, you may want to consider skipping it unless you like the look of it. Yes it has nutrients ... but you can get the same effect using liquid and/or root tab fertilizers and they are far cheaper. Plus only substrate rooted plants will get any benefit out of them. Stem, non-substrate rooted (Java Ferns, Java Moss, Anubias, etc) and floating plants get nothing at all from it. A 10g isn't too bad for substrate though. You can't really mix sand, or put sand on top of the eco complete (or any gravel) as over time it will just settle down to the bottom of the tank.

The hood in those starter tanks likely have two incandescent lights. If you swap those to daylight CFLs from your hardware store (cheaper than pet store) you'll easily have 'moderate' light which will enable you to grow a wide variety of plants, due to a 10g being small go for 'midground' plants as your background and perhaps some floating plants (but keep them in check so the beta can go up for air).

I'm not sure who ate your snail ;)

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thx for the reply geomancer!
but for price i dont care i do not want something out of the box ready to go *suposely*
I think its a mistake because then you dont get the things you really want or need
like for lighting im 100% positive that the amount of light from any standard kit wont cut it for the plants I want in there
and I do not want to mix eco complete with sand hehe you put one aside each other for landscaping and put a seperator in between iv seen it done alot of times. as for the price of eco complete vs root tabs you bether take eco complete even if you have a 500 gallon aquarium ... heck root tabs cost alot since you need to put one at each 30 cm or something and you need to put some in each month...
I wish I had eco complete In my aquarium hehe! because since I Put tabs in my sand all my plants grow better even my anubias nanas so now I have to put some in each month and for just a 26 gallon its a whole pack of around 10$ ...
so yes I do want to buy everything seperatly and take my time to make this I dont care if it takes me 6 months to just have water in the auarium!
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Long term, you'll be needing to add fertilizers anyways. Like in a garden, eventually all the nutrients get used up by the plants. A liquid fertilizer is a must since it works for all plants, a small bottle of flourish comprehensive will last you almost 5 years at a dose of 1 mL per week, and costs less than $10. It dosen't expire, so no worries on that.

Root tabs also last 2-3 months, not just one ;) But only heavy feeders get real benefit from it like Amazon Swords, maybe some crypts. You wouldn't probably want a large sword in a 10g though since they get so big.

A dual incandescent fixture is actually pretty good for a 10g, since you can put in CFLs in place of the incandescents. If you want to go even higher in light, you're looking at needing CO2 and heavier use of fertilizers to balance the system. High light without that balance = major algae problem.

Keep the fish in mind too, most do not like bright light so if you go moderate/high light you'll need floating plants to make them happier.
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ok! well thx for clarifying but i do like the looks of eco complete, and the api root tab i got says one month ... but ya probably not... il take your word for it hehe
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That's why you get or make root tabs made from Osmocote Plus. It's a slow release fertilizer that last for several months before needing replaced. You can get them very cheap. Also, no need to seed your entire substrate with them. Just add one or two under any heavy root feeding plants you have in the tank. If you don't have any, don't add any. Also, dry fertilizers are a VERY cost effective way to go. Costs a bit more in the beginning but will last a 10g tank for years.
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Originally Posted by Maxillius View Post
ok! well thx for clarifying but i do like the looks of eco complete, and the api root tab i got says one month ... but ya probably not... il take your word for it hehe
Ah, different brand. I use Flourish Root Tabs, the box says 2-3 months on it I think. And yeah, only heavy root feeders need one, nothing else.

If you like the look of eco complete, by all means, it won't cost a fortune for a 10g.
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