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10 gallon tank question (2 tiger barbs, 2 Giant Danios)

I just went to walmart a few hours ago and I bough 2 Tiger Barbs and 2 Giant Danios to start my 10 gallon tank. Although everything seemed fine for the first few minutes, the Tiger Barbs now seem to be chasing the danios all over the tank. Is there anything I can do, i heard if I buy 2 more Barbs it should be ok. Also If i do this, what other fish can I add to the 10g tank as I want it to be a very coollooking, yet safe tank. Any suggestions will help, thanks
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well giant danios are too big for a 10 gallon.

Also both the giant danios and barbs are schooling fish meaning you will need at least 6.

The tiger barb is a nippy fish, even more nippy when not in a school so if you keep the tiger barbs then you cant really get any other fish.

The solution?

Return the giant danios since those no matter what wont work in a 10 gallon.
Keep the barbs and add a few more so you have 6.
Cycle and after cycling try and discover some fish that might go well with them.
A tank just filled with tiger barbs can be very cool looking.
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That's the problem with 10 gallon tanks. The types of fish that will thrive is such a small tank is limited and even then the numbers you can have will also be extremely limited.
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