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Smile 10 Gallon Tank: New to Fish

I am new to the whole fish thing but I think it's really neat! Anyways I wanna do this right and I researched a little so I know you have to cycle it and stuff but besides that what kind of fish could I get? I can go buy a heater and everything but how many fish and what kinds would you guys reccomend? I don't want to mess this up so all advice is appreciated!
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Let me start by saying you are doing it correctly and caution saves a lot of trouble and money in the end.

There are any number of fish that can go in a 10gal. Let me start what Can't go in the tank: goldfish, cichlids, african cichlids, plecos, most types of fish marked as sharks-they are not really sharks-non-dwarf gouramis, larger tetras and barbs , mollys or swordtails or exotics like knife fish.

What can go in a 10gal: Guppys, platys, Endlers, small tetras like neons or lemons, small rasboras like harlaquins, small barbs like cherry or gold barbs, Pigmy or 1 dwarf gourami (Dwarf gourami will really limit what else you can have) bettas, shrimp, cory cats or maybe a dwarf crayfish if you don't have corys or loaches.

Best bet, look at the pet store or go to aquabid and look at different fish. Put a list together of things you're interested in or like and then ask people here to help you build a stock list. We can help with the aquascaping if need be. Please keep in mind, my list of Dos and Don'ts is not all inclusive. I just tried to stick with the pet store stuff.
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There are a number of combinations, so it depends on what you are looking for.

The first thing that I would do, is buy a water testing kit (if you don't have one already) and check your tap water. I am on well water, which runs through a culligan water softner/filtration system - put my pH levels are higher than typical water (so, fishies who require lower pH don't fare well in my tank).

The best thing I ever did for my tank was add plants. A lightly planted tank (depending on your lighting conditions) can really help balance your miniature ecosystem.

Also, keep in mind you can always upgrade your filter to help your tank's filtration capacity. I have a 20 gallon and have 6 tropical fish, which seems like plenty to me in that space.

www.aqadvisor.com is a great resource
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You have just had some great responses by the two Posters above me.

My suggestion of neon tetras has already been made. You will not go wrong making a tetra tank with a few fish.

Neon, and Lemon tetras are great fish.

I have found Neon tetras as a school to be a very pretty fish, and they are fairly hardy.

If you go with a "community tank" try to get a small catfish for the bottom of the tank.
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Start with a fishless cycle, ammonia & a liquid test kit will be the first things needed. While the tank is cycling you'll have plenty of time to ask questions, research fish, ask more questions, and basically have a good time hanging out here & yakking with fishkeepers.
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Thanks for all the input! I'm a little over whelmed with the testing, I'm not quite sure I understand.. I don't even know where to start to ask questions.

As far as fish go though I like the idea of a community tank. If I get a small catfish and some tetras could I also get platys or is that overstocking?
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^^ everyones covered it
i just wanna say hello and welcome

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Back in the '60's the book primarily used was "Exotic Aquarium Fishes" by Dr. William Innes. Ideas were so much different back then compared to today. He actually suggested 31 small fish in a 10 Gallon aquarium! I'm looking at it right now. Today, they are overly conservative as to how many fsh one should have in a tank.

Start by only putting 2-3 fish in at a time, and add a couple like every week. Do the bag instructions that your local pet store tells you when you get the fish.

I think Dr. Innes as an expert sort of got carried away! I think that it would be fine to put 4 small tetras, 4 platys and 2 small Corydoras, (or small Catfish), in your tank over a period of a few weeks. A fish per gallon should be OK. Plays come in all colors, a Wagtail Platy looks nice, Lemon/Black Skirt/Neon are all nice fish for tetras and and there are a number of nice looking Corydoras one can get. Start with plastic plants and try real plants later on. Get little stuff to make the landscape right...do your own creation! Have fun!

Bettas might look nice, but some can have stranger personalities with small fish in a community tank.

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I have that book! It's propping up the busted leg on the dog couch in the basement.
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Hi Fishie,

It all depends on how much money you want to spend. A test kit will run you $30.00, the fish I mentioned will run you $12.00.

Wouldn't hurt to buy a test kit, but personally, I would rather get the savings to buy the busted leg on the dog couch.

...but don't get me wrong, it probably is a good thing to be a water chemical expert.
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