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10 gal Tank Stench

I all, help...Heres the skinny...I got a 10gal tank on 11-1. Fixed it all up with some course gravel and live plants (amazon swords) in order to receive my fish. Waited a day to make sure all was OK and took water quality readings (I have a kit)....all looked good. So I went and got 6 dwarf gouramis and 8 tiny corys (less than half inch)....The tank then developed a bad odor...Smelled ammonia like so I took a sample and the ammonia level, nitrite and nitrate looked good. Since then the fish are doing well...fins are up...active...no stress seen...haven't lost a one....and feeding going well....I did have a problem with cloudy water to start, but it since stabized....but every time I change the water (about a gallon a week to filter the gravel) I get a cloudy water problem...The smell has not abated.
Have I overloded the tank?....Should I go to 20gal?...I don't have a heater and the tank temp is at 72 degrees F.....all looks good to me except the smell....I've had 10gal tanks in the past with as many fish and never smelled such a stench.....
Any comments please.......and thanks to all!
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It is not so much the number of fish you have as it is the number and kind of fish you have. I dont know much about dwarf gouramisor corys but my gut tells me that that is probably a little much for a 10 gal tank, especially depending on what kind of corys you have. I will be putting about 5-6 in my 20 gal along with some mid lvl fish (not sure what yet)

Also it takes more than a day for a cycle to be established. I would predict you will be getting a major amonia spike in a couple days. Even when you cycle WITH fish, I think you should only be using 2-3 fish at a time, and then slowly increase the number over the course of a month or so.

As far as the smell goes, a healthy tank shouldn't smell, so there is definitely something going on there. I would suggest getting a bigger tank, and either taking some of your fish back, or housing them somewhere else, until you get everything established and cycled. I am sure someone with more experience and advice will be along shortly.

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Thanks cbirk, for the post...I have a twenty gallon in storage I can try...just need another stand....no prob..
Can't take any fish back or store anywhere else (small apartment)...But I'll try one at a time....
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