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Call the Customer Service people at SeaChem and let them know of your problem. They did change their product some time back due to running into a different vein of raw materials. They did not do so intentionally but out of necessity. The color even changed!! Not a good thing for the consumer.

I love EcoComplete. In fact, I located a lot quantity of the old stuff earlier this year and bought the whole pallet. It weighed a ton(literally, 2000#).

I have tanks with ADA, tanks with pure Florite, tanks with a Florite/flint blend, and tanks with EcoComplete for Planted Tanks. All do well. I do think that the root systems in thetanks wi hEoCmplete are more massive and strong than the other products.

If, I can find the time, definitely at a premium right now, I will pull some of my Amazon Sword plants, which have huge root systems(I need to split some anyway) and take pictures to let you all decide. But I must find the time so please be patient.

I know that the root systems on the tanks with EcoComplete have as much growth below the soil as above. Simply amazing to me since I have never had this much success with plants in all of my years in the hobby.
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The old stuff? By that, do you mean more nutrient rich/ smaller granuled stuff?

Well as you probably know, I'm starting my 4 foot planted soon(as soon as I get my metal halide- cheap thanks to my boss- or I might just forget it and get a 4 foot t5 8 bulb system). Would like peoples opinions on which light, thanks. Money not too much of an option.
I will be using Ecocomplete for sure on my 4 foot, as it isn't a structed tank and I want it to look something more out of the Amazon(haphazard plants everywhere, will look amazing)... But I am actually starting a separate 2 foot fot growing Hemianthus Callithroichiodes and Pogostomen Helferi which I will be supplied with by my boss, and will be sold on the net. It's really hard stuff to come by in Australia, so it sells extraordinarily. I want these plants to be producing as fast as possible, so there will be no fish in the tank, so I can pump the Co2 right up(unless someone thinks thats useless and just wasting Co2, Does more Co2 generally mean faster growth?). Do you think I should try get some of this "old stuff" Eco-complete you speak of HereFishy.

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Hmm...I have eco-complete and I would say that the granule size is smaller than yours. The largest particles on mine are about the size of the middle layer on yours and the bottom layer is sand. I have cories on it and they are perfectly happy. I'm guessing that the particle size just fluctuates...kind of an annoyance if I wanted to do another tank with it.

Oh, the tank is in my avatar to give you a comparison. Even though you can't see the actual particles, you can see that it definitely doesn't look like gravel.

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