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It could the added heat created by the high intensity lights used for a reef tank that did it. Where they Metal Halides or T5H0's?
One of the reasons that many who do reef tanks do not use canister filters, the lighting could in theory melt the hoses and cause them to slip off.

When I hooked up mine, I softened the hoses in a cup of boiling water, pushed them on and now the only physically way to remove them from the barbs would be to cut them, they molded very tightly.

80F is not nearly hot enough to cause the hoses to collapse. 212F is the temperature of boiling water and even then it took a few minutes of being immersed before it became soft enough to manipulate easily.

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220g Still sitting empty (come on Lottery I need the numbers to come up!)
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I picked one of the filters up im amazed how quite they are. but i did throw out all of those plastic clamps and use metal clamps that screw on also.

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awaiting to find 125+ for Mbuna
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Be careful how tight you make the clamps on the suction side. Like I said earlier, the clamps can distort the plastic and it will suck air.
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That has been my experience too. I have 2 on my 55-gal and two on on my 56-gal no problems (1XP2 and 1XP3 on each). I understand they are not quite the quality of product as they historically have been, since being made in China but what is not being made there? Even with that said mine have been operating successfully for months since in installed.
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The problem we face when buying from China or any other country where slave labor is prevalent, is that we are subjected to inferior parts. It's a sign of the times and blame "Wall Street". Buyer Beware!
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