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Kudos from me too for writing the email, but I'm skeptical as to how much it will change things. I wonder if it would make any difference if all of us (with bad experiences) wrote?

I've had varying luck at both Petco and PetSmart. Unfortunately there aren't many stores left to shop at as they've driven all the LFS out of business near me. There are a couple left here and there, but their fish aren't much better. I even had a LFS owner complain to me that "there is no $ in fish" as she was selling me 2 Bettas and some guppies! What the???

I'm seriously thinking about just doing all my shopping online. I think I'll get more experienced fish keepers and better products.

Hmmm...maybe I will shoot an email or two off to Petco and PetSmart to let them know their quality is seriously lacking....

"One fish, two fish, blue fish."
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There is a Petco and a Petsmart in my city (pretty small suburban city, but it has everything, literally). I go to Petsmart probably every 1.5 weeks, as we have a dog, rabbit, and bird, and I have never seen any disease-full fish ever., and rarely a dead fish (which is still bad). The employees there are pretty smart as to fish stuff, though. I have got 4 fish from there, all doing great (3 red wag platies which is now 8, and 1 Clown Pleco).

As to Petco, I like their variety better, but all of their fish are tiny. And, I would never get anything SW from them unless it is like a bag of salt. As batman said, they do have really good driftwood for sale in the tanks and in the reptile section which I buy, but I have never bought a fish from them. Most employees there aren't too smart compared to 'Mart.
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I got a pretty nice response from the store manager actually. I intend on emailing him back and asking him if he actually intends on educating his employees, and if they have a system for QT (as all the tanks are plumbed together). Here is his email:

Dear Ms. O****,

We have just recently received your e-mail concerning the health and well being of the fish kept in our establishment. I would first like to say thank you for your e-mail as it shows your true compassion for fish keeping. Your most recent visit to our store left some concerns with you which is completely understandable, however I would like to share with you that we do try everyday to maintain great standards in our fish keeping. We are now looking at all of our fish to ensure that they are healthy, and ready to be purchased by our customers. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. Again, thank you for the e-mail as it brings great awareness to our finned friends. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at 1-617-349-3481.


Scott Shanley

Store Manager


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Blegh, unfortunately, the email address he sent from was a do-not-respond.

It sure is *cute* that he's looking at all the current fish, but won't really do much in the long run. In fact, him saying that means almost nothing to me. Sick fish will inevitably come in and they don't seem to have any way of dealing with them.

Rrr...I guess I'll call him. Not happy about it though! I'd much rather email!
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Hi- I stumbled onto your post. I LOVE fish, and also happen to work at a Petsmart. I completly agree with you all and am happy that you emailed the store manager. I would greatly recomend brand new petsmarts for supplies (because they get them before established stores do), however, I would NEVER ask their help for fish. The new store, although pretty and bright, have brand new employees. The best knowledged people are in your older stores. Petsmart does an okay job of educating us about fish, but it takes a long time (at least 3 months) for the common employee to have a decent amount of knowledge about fish. I am asked all the time if I know about fish. I tell the truth. I am still working on Cichlids, but am pretty competent on the rest of the fish we sell. I try to cite to the customer where my information comes from (besides for the very basics), so that they can cross-reference me. I even pull out books to explain things. Do I make mistakes - ofcourse. Do I know what ick looks like - yes. Do I know why a goldfish can't live in a bowl - how many reasons do you want? lol

I digress. . . give your older stores a try. Ask the employee their knowledge level. Heck, ask how long they have been employeed with Petsmart. Ask what other stores they like in the area. (Just to see if you agree with them) I would even ask if they like fish. We are required to know about all the animals, so we end up learning more about the ones that we like best. I hope you don't give up on us completly.
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I hate Petsmart so much! They recently took over an awsome pet store chain (SuperPet) and turned it into crap. The prices are way to high on many fish, some are loaded with Ich and they never have any sales on anything. Whos willing to pay for a skinny, pale, ich infested, tiny clown loach for over 12$, no joke. I hate it so much!

**** Petsmart!
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petsmart usually has well cared for fish (exept the bettas) and employies that don't know nything!!!! lol
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Originally Posted by veganchick View Post
petsmart usually has well cared for fish (exept the bettas) and employies that don't know nything!!!! lol
That is most defiantley not true. I have only one Petsmart in my area that has decent fish. The other two or three, are terrible. The bettas are usually the best too.

I have noticed that Petco seems to be better, and not just with fish. Their reptiles are in great health and are cared for properly (at least all the ones I have seen). But then again, everything depends on the store.
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Originally Posted by iamntbatman View Post
On the opposite end of the spectrum, another Petsmart near me actually has some fairly well-informed employees. I've been to this store several times now, and each time I've actually witness them refuse to sell fish to people for all sorts of reasons (incompatible fish, hard fish to keep for beginners, people who were buying tanks at the time so obviously hadn't cycled their tanks yet, etc). Additionally, someone actually removed a lot of the official Petsmart information labels from the tanks and has replaced them with hand-written cards with information that's actually accurate. Not to mention their prices on certain equipment are much cheaper than my other LFS's, though they're generally more expensive than online shops.
As I am still a freshwater newbie it might not be as apparent to me as I would like it to be but...

The Petsmart near my home (State College, Pa. Home of the Nittany Lions!!!) is actually very, very nice. The staff are very thoughtful, caring and all the aquatic life, even thier plants, are well taken care of. I have yet to see anything inside of the store that worried me save for one Oscar that was already quarentined. I did check to see if the tank that he was in had a note on it saying that there was a sick fish, but there wasn't a sign there.

Anyway, there is another store a couple towns away from home that is, like Batman said, with absolutely abysmal conditions.

Reguardless it doesn't make much of a difference to me. The only thing that I buy at Petsmart is decor, as they have a bigger selection than the local Pet Store. Speaking of the local Pet Store the gentlemen that owns it could write an encyclopeida on Saltwater, Freshwater, Filters, Skimmers and anything else aquarium related.
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I always thought that my Petsmart had "fairly" knowledgeable employees but I'm not so sure now. I asked one of their managers some cycling questions and he told me that even the little cups the bettas are kept in will cycle.
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