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This is a discussion on Letter to Petco within the Aquarium Products Reviews forums, part of the TFK Resources category; --> Actually, herefishy, as much as that would be wonderful... the SPCA nor the sheriff's dept will get involved when it comes to neglected fish/animals ...

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Actually, herefishy, as much as that would be wonderful... the SPCA nor the sheriff's dept will get involved when it comes to neglected fish/animals in a pet store unless its dogs or cats. The SPCA only has jurisdiction in very limited places, also. Even though Texas has SPCA, they couldn't initiate anything with the problem with Rainbow World because Hamilton county was out of their jurisdiction. As for local law enforcement, the sight of dead or sick fish in store tanks means nothing to them. That's why this problem is so rampant in so many lfs's.
Did you know that fish are specifically excluded in animal cruelty laws in most states, and not mentioned in the others. Unless it is a native and wild species which the DNR can regulate, nobody can do anything about neglected and/or abused aquarium fish anywhere in the states.
The reason someone may be able to help the animals at Rainbow World Exotics is because it includes birds and rabbits and other small animals that qualify under animal cruelty laws.
It's in part the fault of our politicians that fish have been so forgotten or singled out as unimportant. Everyone here understands how important it is, how fish are no less deserving than any other animal...but until our politicians recognize it, alter our laws to include them, then the rampant cases of neglect and abuse will continue.
In Texas, animal cruelty is only a misdemeanor offense, which brings only a fine. That isn't much different anywhere else in the states.

This is the reasons why we, as customers, have to take the stand and demand better from our retailers and wholesalers. If we don't demand it, nobody else will, and it will continue to get worse as the years go on.

Keep up the good work. Keep putting them on the spot, keep writing letters and keep complaining. When the majority starts to pull together and demands better, then it will happen.
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so i went back this morning, with my camera, and to my surprise- they totally corrected most of the problems i wrote them about! the display tanks were clean, less crowded- most of the fish looked more active and healthy than last week, they were all in the correct tanks, and there were no more dead/decaying fish in any of the tanks. actually the two molly fry that were in the tank with the dead fish last week were still there and they looked very healthy.

i took a look around the reptiles (i didn't include this in my post to you guys, but all the reptiles looked sickly last week as well), and their habitats were much cleaner. in fact, the entire store looked like it was in better shape....

so this goes to show you, even if they act like you are crazy, they don't want trouble, and they obviously did take me seriously (or perhaps I wasn't the only one who complained??) so for now it appears my efforts paid off.

it disturbs me that aquatic life is not protected under animal cruelty laws, what can we do to change that??
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AWESOME MIAGRRL!!!!! way to stick it to em! now i need to get a letter sent to my lfs to see if they get any better!
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So, I still don't get why PETA wasn't giving up the address to Rainbow World? If they're in it for the good of the animals, shouldn't they want be forking all of that information?
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Congrats Mia!!! Way to go!! You have just set the most wonderful example here for everyone to follow.

As for the laws regarding fish... the only way to change those are going to be to get to the politicians and make them listen, get them to understand that a pet is a pet is a pet, regardless of its species... and they should all have equal protection under the law. If anyone wishes to approach their local and state politician, ask them to reword the animal cruelty laws to include "all pets" and not just select species. The wouldn't be a huge burden on them, they wouldn't need to sit and pick apart what deserves it and what doesn't. It's quite simple, really. Any animal that is kept in captivity and forced to rely on a human being for its basic needs and care is a pet. All pets should have their basic needs met, such as shelter, food, etc.

As for PETA... they like to blow a lot of smoke to make themselves look good, they like press... but I have found over the years that many things they do are really not to benefit the animals they claim to be protecting. PETA likes to make statements and are known to go to extremes to do so. This is why I am an animal activist, but refuse to support PETA and its so called causes.

Keep up the good work everyone, there is hope for as long as we persist and refuse to give up!
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Old 03-15-2008, 02:14 PM   #26
Our petco looks really clean, supprisingly better than petsmart. I think its just a matter of who is responsable for caring for the fish. Granted higher management should be more aware. Anyway the only time I buy things from those two places is when I need it today and the LFS doesnt have it. My LFS is a little more expensive on everything, but is the by far the best place for fish stuff as far as quality and knolage. I really dont want the LFS to go out of busness, I think they are struggleing to stay afloat whith the recent addition of the two big box pet stores in town.
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My Petsmart is amazing. They act like real employees in a popular LFS. You can tell them what fish you want, and they will get the exact one. They make sure you get what you want and actually tell people real facts. IE, a lady wanted a Common Pleco for her tank. The guy said they will get 18" long, and then reccomended a CAE. He said they get aggresive and reach 6-9", which really surprised me (but it is true, I dont know how he knew that ). I have also never seen a dead fish in any tank, and I go there at least once a week. My Petco is alright; they have really small fish and all the little kids go there and smack on the glass 24/7.
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Originally Posted by Cody
My Petco is alright; they have really small fish and all the little kids go there and smack on the glass 24/7.
some of the kids i see when i go to my lfs do that and it makes me wanna smack em. i let em know that it could hurt the fish/stress them out, and they quit.......for 10 seconds and move to another tank. these kids didnt like that the pleco they were looking at didn't move. someone came by and said he was "Sleeping"..........some of the workers there need to sit down and read about the fish they sell........
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"Why wont he fall off the glass? Lets hit him!"

The kids do stuff like that. It annoys me.
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As dangerous and irritating as it is to see the kids doing that... I can say from working in the store for so many years, there are more problems with adults smacking the glass than there are with the kids.

There were times when we would have to kick adults out of the store for such things, and we were adamant about them respecting our animals. When it came to the kids I used to tell it to them like this:
When you hit the glass it scares the fish, which makes them sick. You wouldn't want someone to come and make you sick so they could laugh at you, would you? (my boss was a little more direct with them... "if you hit on my windows I'm going to come hit on yours at home, we'll see how much you like it")
With the adults it was more effective to tell them that smacking the glass kills fish, and they will be charged for each fish they kill in such a way. When you hit the pocketbooks, it suddenly isn't so funny anymore.

You might want to pass that info on to your LFS employees. It will save them a lot of hassle and a lot of expense in sick/dead fish.
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