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Thanks ^_^
Showed ches my latest (actually my first as well) diy project- DIY light stand, she said i should post it up :)
I'm actually kinda proud of it even though the siliconing is kinda messy

and since I reallly havent taken a photo of the only fish I own for quite a while, I present to you.... Kuro!

I also own a patch of abused and weedy glosso. Abused, because i keep piling its own weedy tentacles upon itself as it has a nasty habit of taking over the personal space of its fellow plants.
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That's a nice looking light stand! I'm going to try to make one for myself in a bit (for a super-secret project!) I'll be sure to let you guys know when I'm done. :)
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Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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YAY!!! You posted it! It looks great, girl, job well done. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of it! <3 Kuro, such a pretty little fishy. . . and you be nice to that pretty patch of "weeds!" I love them!!! Thanks for sharing with me, too! *HUGS*

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long overdue update!
lots of new growth. I removed the bacopa and ludwigia >.< the stems were getting too messy D:
blurry full tank shot...

My happier side of the tank..

Downoi really loved the extra ferts!

Staurogyne repens

P. Kawagoeanum (terrible spelling)

Staurogyne low grow

c. Wendtii... NEW LEAVES?

java fern "trident"

Weedy UG!!! (finer one's all the new growth)

where the UG meets the HC

I also got some anubia anubias hiatus has been long enough :)

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SOOOO PRETTY, KITTY!!! Three cheers for new leaves on Crypts - and for Anubias, and all of the lovely things! Your setups are always so beautiful, love that java trident, too - and hmmm, a few of these plants look really familiar to me! ^.^

Can you give ALLLLL the boring details of your setup? Pretty please? With spaghetti-O's on top? Inquisitive minds want to know your secrets!

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Boring details... hmmm...
1-3 in(slope) of MGOCPM capped lightly with use eco complete in a petco 6.6 gallon bookshelf tank.

Top is saran wrapped off to keep humidity in.

I have one piece of driftwood and a few lava rocks in there with which I scaped with:

took out the driftwood on the left a while ago as it wasnt contributing to the look...

then... I planted the drift wood with moss... stuffed java ferns under the wood....

and the rest just happened on a whim.

I didnt used to fertilize, but recently I've mixed a small amount of miracle gro ferts (in those green bottles) with the water I use to mist the set up with...

I mist pretty much on a whim. the tank is so tightly sealed it can take care of itself for months before I need to add more water :)

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So what happened to that Jar?
well it's housing some of my xmas moss which weren't doing so well emersed :)
the other jar has some fissidens

6.6 petco bookshelf tank...
My fav plants right now ^_^ love the frilly leaves! did i say this already?

from the right

From the left...somehow I'm running out of space yet again :(

crazy growers... gap is still there, I'm going to take note of how long it is taking to fill...

UG is TINY due to drier substrate and lower humidity

of course the brat had nothing better to do than nomming his tail

Last but not least DIATOMS in my neglected tank.... wha?
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Was so dazzled by all the pretty shiny piccies, I had to regain composure before I could get back and reply!

Thank you for sharing all the boring details with us! You make it look so easy! Your tiny lil' bookshelf tank looks WAY bigger than it should when photographed - great layout! I'd love to see a full tank shot the next time you feel like un-fogging it. . . want to see what it looks like NOW!

I'm in love with your Downoi, too! Such a pretty little plant. Glad it's doing so well for you. AND three cheers for the return of Aubias love! Can't wait to see how your lil' Nubies do . . . and hear all about your newest arrivals! ^.~

Now THOSE jars look more like my snail jars, lol! RIP 0.3 shrimp jar. You were a thing of beauty. . .

I <3 Kuro. EVEN when he's naughty! Give the baby a blackworm and put him in time out! I can't blame him, though. . . those fins are SOOOOOO pretty, but they sure must get in the way sometimes! Glad he's healing up well. Silly bettas. . .

OH! Before I forget: ^.^
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Ao you gotta help me with turning my tank into an emersed tank. If I drain it and empty it out then put in MGOCPM (or would soil be better?) And cap it with the sand I have in the tank now. Would that do OK for a substrate??
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Originally Posted by Boredomb View Post
Ao you gotta help me with turning my tank into an emersed tank. If I drain it and empty it out then put in MGOCPM (or would soil be better?) And cap it with the sand I have in the tank now. Would that do OK for a substrate??
You don't need to cap it with anything :)
just plain ol' MG will be just fine~ are you going completely emmersed or just dry starting?

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