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that's a really crummy thing to get..little boogers !!
how many do you think you have,if it's a very small infestation
then perhaps they'll not have broken spores off,and won't be in the filter !
lets hope so.
i don't know about using anything from your tank incase you cross
contaminate before things are washed off.
i think around two days then turn the temp down,and do a gravel vac.
can't answer about the actual heater it's self,turn it up and see what you get
sorry i'm not the greatest help.
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Originally Posted by willow View Post
i think around two days
I thought it was only for a couple of hours
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Whoodst that my steed hath the speed of your tongue.

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oh maybe i'm wrong lol won't be the first time.
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Day 46

Head is battered and I'm confused to pieces.
Water numbers
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0-1

Hydra saga

Ok so the little white stuff I been seeing coming from my spray bar is hydra, so my filter is infected. After my last clean of the filter and replacing the tubes the white stuff seemed to ease up but now it's back and getting worse.

I can't use a friends empty tank to put the fish in as it's to big with no stand and I got no space. So I'm really left with medication, there are not a lot of specific medications out there for hydra. Rumour has it copper sulphate and formaldehyde make a good deterrent (this is found in the white spot medication I used last time, not to long ago) or an anti fluke medication. My LFS has recommended I use and anti crustacean medication.

None of the medication is really good for shrimp and snails, so I have set up my little 12litre tank and moved the snails and shrimp over.

My plan
As I have got two filters running, one internal and the second is my canister. I am going to remove the canister and totally clean it. I'm going to get rid of all the filter media and start anew. I have plants that will take care of the ammonia and my second filter should produce the required good bacteria till the new media catches up.

As I have removed the shrimp and snails I will use a medication. I will try the recommendation of my LFS and use the anti crustacean medication.

I will take my bog wood out and scrub it (probably unnecessary, but needs must).

I will drain 60% of tank and clean the glass thoroughly to get rid of any I can see on the glass.

Then add the new water, the cleaned filter and the meds.

These meds take about ten days to work so after that I will do another 50% water change clean the glass again and add carbon to my filter or maybe even put the white spot medication in which is a six day course. Only time will tell.

All I want is a weekly water change and to watch my fish and relax.
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oh my goodness…this is pants
and i have a cheek to moan about the debbie algae i have.
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Well as stated previously tank and filter have been cleaned.

Read an interesting fact/tip when treating for any infection turn the heat up in the tank this speeds up the life cycle of the disease and tends to stimulate the fishes metabolism giving them a better fighting chance.
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How goes the Hydra saga? Hope you're winning!
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Day 64
It's been a while since my last entry. The treatment and filter cleaning seems to have worked. Unfortunately at the cost of three harlequin rasbora and a Otocinclus. I also lost one shrimp after reintroducing them to the tank.

Removed all my large Hygrophila it started to rot and look ugly. Have replaced it with ludwigia "Rubens" it brings a nice change of colour to the tank and a nice shaped leaf.

I'm leaving the temp up in tank as the fish seem to like it. As yet no algae. A small patch of algae on glass but that will be gone next water change.

The whole family are loving the tank
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glad to hear everyones enjoying the aquarium
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Day 84ish
Just a little update.
Tank is going well seem to of ironed out all the little issues.

The fish are looking really good all the colours are are popping out on the tetras. The dwarf puffer is keeping snails at bay and grown some. I had 2 bristle nose cats but can only ever seem to see one at a time, but nobody of a dead one.

Trimmed back the plants which are thriving.
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