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A bunch of questions...

Ok, I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while, as it would be awesome to just top off my tank big instead of doing a weekly water change. However, I have a few questions. I apologize if you've answered them in previous posts, if this is really long or if it's something really obvious!

1) How do these work on heavily planted tanks? I add a liquid fertilizer and want to make sure it won't remove anything that my plants like to eat. I'm also worried how my plants would do in a tank tank with zero nitrates, as I know they absorb the nitrates in my tank currently.

2) Your site recommends using this with some sort of mechanical filter as well (not a problem as I never run chemical filtration). I was wondering if this needed to be separate, or if I could put a sponge prefilter on the uptake for the Aquaripure.

3) The site also says that the water needs to be aerated after leaving the filter. Does this mean that it will be very noisy, or is there a way of avoiding the sound of water falling into the tank?

4) This may be a strange one: the site says to use sugar water or vodka to "feed" the denitrator. I currently have DIY co2 and in the spirit of conservation, was wondering if it would be possible to use the leftovers after the co2 has been produced to "feed" the aquaripure.

5)Does this come with *all* the parts I need to run a filtration system for my tank (except for mechanical filtration), or will I need to purchase any pumps, powerheads, etc?

6) Last question! How energy efficient is this compared to the average canister filter (I use the Magnum 350 right now)? I figured since it was based on low-flow it would be very efficient, but I wanted to check.

Thanks a lot!! You may see my order coming through very soon...just waiting for my economic stimulus check. Doing my part as an American :P
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answers to questions

Thank you for your questions.

1) I have an Aquaripure on my heavily planted tank that can be viewed at http://www.aquaripure.com/pictures.htm (middle of page) I've had it up for a year and a half and the plant growth is very, very strong. Of course I have very high quality soil and I add fertilizer regularly. I keep nitrates at zero and the plants still do well. There is also very little algae growth and my 1 small algae eater keeps the tank super clean.
I believe even with zero nitrates there is still a low concentration of ambient organic matter and nitrogen sources such as the urea from the fish in the tank before it is broken down by the Aquaripure. I believe the plants use this as a source of nitrogen before it is broken down by the Aquaripure. Of course the Aquaripure will break down all excess organic matter and nitrates.

2) The mechanical filtration is separate and the Aquaripure needs no pre-filtration.

3) The Aquaripure is very quiet. You can just let it drip on the surface of the water where there is a strong water flow to aerate the outflow. You just need to make sure you have good surface water flow. I know some FW planted enthusiasts advocate low water flow and this really isn't advisable with any denitrator. I can assure you my plants grow very fast and I have to trim them regularly.

4) That might work but I really would just recommend getting a bottle of cheap vodka. That way you know it would be 80% ethanol and you know that you are injecting a consistent amount of nutrient.

5) The Aquaripure comes with EVERYTHING you need for it to work except for mechanical filtration which should also provide good surface water flow.

6) I use the Aquarium Systems Mini Jet 606 as a pump which is a very small and energy efficient powerhead.

Of course all Aquaripure's are 100% made in the USA : )
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