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Suggestions For An African Biotope full of prey for my Senegal Bichir?

I bought my bichir very young at my LFS. So, I have been growing him out in my 25 gallon. However, he looks as if he will be ready for the 55 here within the week. Knowing this just yesterday I pressure cooked wood and sand and spent at least a couple of hours carrying buckets back and forth from the bathroom. Now, as the sand is finally starting to settling and I can't help but wounder what I should add with my bichir.

I know that it is hard to find long lasting tank mates for my little guy so I thought I would try to fill his tank with mates that if he were in the wild he would be eating anyway.

I know that african dwarf frogs are safe for bichirs and a common prey in there natural environment. What other types of fish could I get for him to feed on?

I would still be supplementing his diet with beef heart, tilapia strips, bloodwroms and so on. I just think that a predator maybe happier given the abillity to hunt.


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African biotope of prey would get insanely expensive...
ADFs are high here.

How about just livebearers and rosy reds?

It'd be fairly easy to try african plants though..

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^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2


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I have my bichir in a 55 with an african knife, spotted ctenopoma, and congo tetras - all african fish.

Bichirs aren't super predators or anything. They can be kept with fish that are too large to eat.

I agree, I would feed it live foods that are cheap and renewable.

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