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South American Leaf fish with angels and leopard ctenopoma

Hello everyone!

I just recently added a 2" leopard ctenopoma to my 55gal community tank, which consists of six silver dollar-sized angelfish (body, not including their fins), a lone 2" platy that survived the initial tank cycle (because my wife wanted a fish now ;)), a 3" clown pleco and a 4" common pleco (he will be out of the tank soon, replaced by an albino longfin pleco that won't grow as big as I am!).

The ctenopoma is a picky eater, turns his nose at flakes and medium pellets (will be trying large pellets upon returning from vacation), but luckily will take frozen bloodworms, though seemingly reluctantly in comparison to the angels that swarm like a pack of rabid wolves!

After seeing that the ctenopoma is sometimes referred to as a type of leaf fish (though they are in no way related), I looked up actual leaf fish, and damn, I want some!

I was planning on upgrading to a larger 75gal tank, however my uncle was a bit off in his measurements and it's just another 55gal (but hey, free tank!), so I am a bit overstocked for the 55gal (not so much at the time, as they are all still very small), but I will just have to break down and purchase a larger one. I wish I could find one that is 60" long to match the wall that it is in front of, but I've only found one model from one manufacturer so far and can't find any locally. :/

EDIT: Just did a bit more reading and ctenopomas do like to jump, it seems. Meh. Glass top it is.

Also, any tips for keeping leaf fish? Other than having a tank of live feeders on hand. :)


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