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small eel

small feshwater eel. My brother and his freinds have been talking about one of there freinds fish tank. they say its about 15 gallons and he keeps a eel in it. they said it is a very small eel and the kid seems to think it will stay small.
is there any fw eel that will stay small?
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First FYI there areno true freshwater eels, only eels that have swam up rivers and collected. FW eels are actually adapted fish.

Peacock eels seems to stay very small. If it's not a peacock I'm sure it will get way to large for the tank
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technically the peacock eel, fire eel, tiretrack eel are not even eels and will get up to a foot or so depending on type. most likely it will eat smaller fish and invertibrates in the tank.
also, the snowflake eel can go from saltwater to brackish and for a short time when younger live in freshwater. its possible to live in freshwater through its life, but it would be a short one.

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Kuhli loach?

That aside, there are a couple of species of spiny eels that stay under a foot. A quick look a the species list for Mastacembelidae on fishbase shows a number of them in the 8-12" range. Macrognathus circumcintus is supposedly common in the aquarium trade, and should max out around 8".

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u can also buy whats calld freshwater moray eels. i bought one for really cheap. they are actually brackish and in time full marine. those guys will survive for a little while in fw but will soon develop a slime coat and stop eating. they get a fair size too. this is a pic of mine.
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Well i found out what the fish was it was a goby. They thought it was a eel though. I dident tell them yet. I think its one of those prehistoric gobys.
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depends if they are talking about and eel or an eel -like fish for example a kuli loach looks like an eel,acts like an eel but is NOT an eel while the fw moray is a true eel there are hundreds of eel like fish in the aqarium trade and only very-few true eels
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Originally Posted by trreherd
Well i found out what the fish was it was a goby. They thought it was a eel though. I dident tell them yet. I think its one of those prehistoric gobys.
It's probably one of the two species of Violet Gobies, then. Small is relative, though. They can get up to 20", though they usually stay closer to 12". They prefer a tank that's at least 30 gallons and 36" long, and like their water slightly brackish.

Here's a good page on them: Violet Goby FAQ
and another

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