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Slow or just lazy?

I purchased my Red Eye Puffer (Carinotetraedon lorteti) some feeder shrimp thinking it would be an exciting snack for him. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem able to catch them. He'll strike at them a few times but they always escape and then he seems to just give up and swim over to me looking for food. He's certainly a mean, aggressive guy, as he harassed and killed both of his female tank mates (not when he lived with me!).

Is he just lazy and unmotivated or can he really not move fast enough to catch a shrimp?[/i]
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um, bump?
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im assuming its ghost shrimp, and if so its probably a combonation of both. ghost shrimp can shoot backwards very quickly and he probably could catch them but it may be more effort than its worth. how long have they been in there though? he will prolly eat them eventually

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