Schomburgki Leaf Fish
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Schomburgki Leaf Fish

This is a discussion on Schomburgki Leaf Fish within the Ancient Fish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I saw this little guy in the pet and I want to know a little bit about him before I get it....

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Schomburgki Leaf Fish
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Schomburgki Leaf Fish

I saw this little guy in the pet and I want to know a little bit about him before I get it.
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Re: Schomburgki Leaf Fish

Originally Posted by fishluver06
I saw this little guy in the pet and I want to know a little bit about him before I get it.
The only problem with keeping leaf fish is you have to also keep livebearers to feed it with. They only eat fish; that's their reason de etre for looking like a dead leaf, they float around waiting for a hapless suitably-sized fish to swim by.
Few aquarists keep leaf fish because they can't stand the daily sacrifice of feeding them live fish to feed to them.
That's something you must consider before purchasing a leaf fish. Just so you know, they spawn like Cichlids, though they are Nandids. They don't guard eggs nor fry as intensely, though. They also need to be kept in well-planted tanks that also have floating plants to screen them from the light. That makes them confident, healthy and active, and in such surroundings, they usually spawn in such tanks if fed and kept correctly.
You can keep them with other fish that are too big to eat, but not mid-sized or larger Cichlids, as they bully them. As you see when you look at them, schomburgkii have very large mouths, so choose tankmates VERY carefully.
Feed them twice a day with a few half-grown livebearers. They will do the rest.

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