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planning bichir

This is a discussion on planning bichir within the Ancient Fish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> good luck...

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African Butterfly Fish
African Butterfly Fish
African Butterfly Fish
African Butterfly Fish
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good luck
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to clarify on one statement :
African Butterfly Fish are aggressive during feeding time depending on the individual and what else u have in the tank...
I have never seen aggression from mine accept towards its food (used to be crickets but it figured out ghost shrimp were in the tank and could eat them when ever it wanted to)
as u can see from my Signature Bichirs and AFB's do mix..
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Old 08-12-2009, 03:30 PM   #13
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Bichir's are fine with amazon sword plants. Mine is always either lurking around between the leafs or hiding under any fallen parts that have been ripped off by my pesky Uaru's.. but i agree with the point of them eating anything that fits in their mouth, and they are suprisingly efficient when hunting, i thought my otocinclus and bulldog plec would be too fast for him to ambush, seeing as when i had Mono's, when i first started the initial tank they couldnt catch them. but alas they were not too fast for him as ive seen both go down his mouth to their end..

But getting a bichir is def worth it, they are fascinating to watch and so much character.
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