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That your eel is out and about means that you have done a really good job of making it feel secure. An insecure eel will spend all of its time in the substrate. A secure eel will move around the tank much more. If you have some tall stem plants in your tank (Hygrophilia is really good for this) he may even "roost" in it, like a boa constrictor, waiting for something edible to swim by.

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Originally Posted by kylearch View Post
I may have to try the earthworms. Did you buy them or "farm" them? Think it matters? I suppose the home grown ones might have pesticides or ferts on them from the yard.
I dug them from my backyard. Have no problem about fertilizers or pesticides as I don't use any in my backyard. I clean the earthworms first before feeding them to the eels.

Originally Posted by Sucidemonkey View Post
Also, peacocks are jumpers. LOL i just found out the hard way. Scared me to death good thing i was literaly right there to pick it up and put it back in the tank.
More so when they have earthworms in their mouths, they come up for air. That's why I make sure the lid is back on after I drop the earthworms into the tank.
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Sad news folks, I got a bunch of plants this weekend and a piece of driftwood. The plants were from local aquarists so I figure they are probably not the cause, I thought the driftwood would be safe (I'm guessing not) but alas the eel is no more (as are my guppies and danios) I got the other surviving fish out of there and the wood out of there and did an 80% water change but I'm still sad
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So sorry! How sad. Where did the driftwood come from? I got some new driftwood that I have not put in the tank yet, now you have me worried. Hope the remaining fish are ok.
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Got the driftwood from a gent that runs a LFS, I thought he had said I could dunk it but I may have just assumed he said that. I would check around to see if theres something that should have been done.
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It could be that the driftwood crashed your pH. It can do this if you have very soft water. In general, driftwood needs to be boiled or baked, or at very least soaked in aquarium water with water conditioners added. Amquel+ and Novaqua+ are a good combo for this as they will detoxify many of the things that could potentially be in there.

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I tested my PH and it seemed to be the same as it was (city water, it is pretty soft) so I dunno. I will condition the driftwood before I try putting it into my tank again. Thanks!
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well ive been trying to feed my eel bloodworms but i have yet to really see him eat anything.

Ive read that they will eat shrimp. Maybe i could pick up a few feeder shrimp? Anyone had any luck with this method?
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