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Originally Posted by GregV
just be careful with 2 tophat, as they grow bigger they will not like eachothers company as much. and if the ghost shrimp is small enough to fit in his mouth, that may be the answer to your question :P
Bichirs live fine with each other.
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I'm sad to hear about your BGK :(. How long did you have him? I hope to keep mine from a similar fate!
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a while ago i had a fighting pair gump, just my experience.
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Our experiences vary, Greg.;) Gump keeps several species altogether in the same tank as far as I know and I did as well with my own until I had decided to move out the bigger one as he is getting too big for the likes of the other tankmates.:)

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well i stand corrected then lupin.
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Originally Posted by Lupin
Originally Posted by bf2king
well no i dont remeber the scientific name but im pretty sure it had dino thats y i guessed dinosaur bichir.
Polypterus senegalus?
P.senegalus senegalus is the current 'valid as' taxa
so as not to confuse it with P.senegalus meridionalis
which grows to almost double the length of P.S
but looks very similar.

not all bichir live fine with each other, some can downright hate other conspecifics or even other similar shaped fish.
on the whole P.S senegalus are fine with other bichirs provided the other birchirs are fine with them.
avoid keeping any of the lower jaw bichirs (P.weeksii, P.teuglesi, P.laperadi etc) and you should be ok.

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As long as you keep the sizes bichirs around the same size you shouldn't have problems if they are kept in the proper tank size. I have lower and upper jaw species mixed with my largests lower being 12-13" and my smallest upper being about 5-6" with out problem.

Also there is a group of 4 local guys who have the same taste in oddball fish who keep many many more bichirs than I do in smaller tanks with out problem. One has a 180 gallon with around 20 bichirs ranging from 8-17" with 12 or so being lower jaw species. Another has a 300 with 15-18" P. lapradei, P. endlicheri endlicheri, P. endlicheri congicus mixed with 8" P. senegalus.

I know personal experiences will differ but i would like to know the specifics where bichir mixing didn't work. Instead of jacking this thread i'm going to create another for bad experiences.
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