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Leaf fish?

This is a discussion on Leaf fish? within the Ancient Fish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Originally Posted by tophat665 I think the climbing part is probably bunk. I read somewhere years and years ago that they could drag themselves ...

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Originally Posted by tophat665 View Post
I think the climbing part is probably bunk. I read somewhere years and years ago that they could drag themselves out of the water and move short distances over land on their pectoral fins. I think someone got the ability to breathe atmospheric oxygen (like all labyrinth fish) confused with the ability to move about on land. The morphology is all wrong for that (though I could be wrong, it would surprise me if I were). Also, IIRC, I read this around the same time that people were going bug---k about clarias "walking catfish" "Invading" Florida and eating small dogs. No doubt they rode about the countryside on Cane Toads. Like I said, Bunk.
hahahah xD what retard said that? xD lol wow im just dropping to the floor and laughing my butt off xD this is rich xD hahaha mutant catfish xD one day if i go down there xD ill go to the department of fishery xD and mock them xD lol (anyone who works there sorry xD this is just too rich) lol
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This was probably 30 years ago. Now, they weren't eating dogs so much as some redneck's poor pooch tried to eat one and got it stuck in its throat, wot with the various spines, and kicked the bucket. I remember video of one wriggling across what looked to be a golf green. (It's a whole new kind of water hazard, there, Chet. You said it, Bob. Now over to Jan with the Weather.) Kind of a shame, since they're neat critters, but on the other hand, they would end up all over the place if they were unrestricted.
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