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info on black ghost knifefish

This is a discussion on info on black ghost knifefish within the Ancient Fish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I don't think we even needed to know that much to know that "It's the same fish only brown and doesn't grow as big" ...

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Black Ghost Knifefish
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info on black ghost knifefish
Old 05-15-2008, 01:00 AM   #11
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I don't think we even needed to know that much to know that "It's the same fish only brown and doesn't grow as big" means it's a different fish. Haha.
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Old 05-15-2008, 07:43 PM   #12
dear lynch mob, its not the "same fish" didn't know everyone was so technical around here. you are right it does come from africa opposed to the black ghost which comes from south america but they are very similar in body structure, they are from the same family: knifefish, but these do not grow as big as as the black ghosts.

i was only trying to give other alternatives to the black ghost, if their max size was undesirable. either way you decide to go you will have an amazing fish in your tank.

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Old 05-15-2008, 10:33 PM   #13
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Brown Ghost Knife comes from the same laces and looks the same as a black ghost though brown insted of black. It also retains a smaller size.
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Old 06-09-2008, 08:24 PM   #14
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here is a brown black ghost knife,%20Black%20Ghost.htm
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Old 06-09-2008, 08:26 PM   #15
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Old 06-10-2008, 06:12 PM   #16
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That's an Apteronotus leptorhynchus- very similar but not quite the same as the more common Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons). I doubt you'll find much about caring for him, so you may as well gather most of your care information from the black ones.

Watch out as they are predators. Neon tetras and the like are definitely at risk, and larger fish may be disappearing as his mouth grows larger.
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Old 06-20-2008, 12:33 PM   #17
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Don't overlook the fact that it is nocturnal, as someone pointed out earlier. Assuming you give it caves or pipes to hide in, which you should, you will rarely see it. I've heard one technique to have them remain viewable during the day, is to put in a clear pipe or tube, and they will take up the tube as their home and you will still be able to see it. However, I'm not sure if it will be incredibly happy.

I had a BGK for about a year and a half before I returned it to the LFS (along with all my other fish, I'm moving! not unhappy with him). I have a large rock structure in my tank with lots of caves and hiding places, and in my experience he seemed to really prefer being out of the light. He would hide in the rocks all day, but not long at all after the lights would go out, there would be this black silhouette swimming around the tank! I fed mine a mix of flake food, frozen bloodworms, and live guppies and ghost shrimp. He'd nip at flakes and bloodworms that drifted into the rockwork, and I'd notice the guppies and shrimps numbers decreasing each night as he came out to hunt at night.

So, while it is indeed an awesome-looking fish, you may be disappointed with not being able to see him much, unless you give him an environment which he does not prefer (and force him to be exposed during the day when the tank lights are on).
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Old 07-09-2008, 01:59 PM   #18
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I guess i was lucky in the fact that after i had my black ghost knife for 2 months he had come so used to his tank that he would swim around freely day or night.
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Old 07-27-2008, 12:54 PM   #19
First off, I wouldnt recommend a clear tube for your Black ghost knife. Even though they cant exactly see, they can detect light. Even if they take to the Tube, Having only that will keep the black ghost stressed and can lead to aggressiveness.

Your best bet is to get 2 or 3 rocks and form a sort of cave for him, particularly something only he can fit inside of so he has a place he can get away from all the other fish. As long as they have a good place like that to hide they will do well in any community tank. Keep your caves entrance pointed toward the front of the tank so you can easily see him at any time though. He won't know the difference.

If you have more than one in your tank they should both have their own seperate hiding spots. They usually take to one specific hiding spot and decide that that one is specifically "theirs." Two should not be forced to hide in the same spot as it will lead to aggressiveness toward each other.

Floating plants are a must, it will limit the light inside the tank and you will see your Black ghost come out of hiding more often. With the right setting, they will come out more than just at night. I have had my two for about a year and a half now, and I see them out all the time. They dont bother the other fish and they are probably the best addition in my aquarium.
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