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Question ghost knife compatability

so i am getting a 55 gallon aquarium that i WAS going to do a malawi cichlid tank but i have since found the black ghost knife rather appealing (still have some research to do) and i was wonder a) if a 55 gal would be large enough and b) if the 55 is large enough what are some other fish i can put with it?!?

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For a black ghost knife 55 would be a minimum for just that fish alone... if you wish other fish then you are going to need a larger tank. I would suggest deciding what other compatible fish you are considering, then use that to gauge how large of a tank you would need.

The requirements for other fish are as follows
Same environment compatibility/temp compatibility (low 80's)
Large enough to not be eaten as the ghost knife grows to adulthood
Peaceful enough to not harass or bother the ghost knife

I would suggest doing some intensive reading about the ghost knife before deciding to purchase one. They are awesome fish, but not one of the easiest to care for long term. They are known for becoming a big aggressive as they mature, and they dont have to eat their tank mates to kill them. A black ghost will also need a tube large enough to not get stuck in. They spend most of their time hiding in their tubes, and tend to be nocturnal feeders.

Personally, I think you'd have better luck and more enjoyment out of the cichlid tank you mentioned, and it would surely be much easier.

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oh no i would not purchase any fish with out sufficiant research first. i just wasnt able to find any def. answers on the web regarding tank size and compatability. I do not have room for anymore then a 55 at this moment so i will wait untill i have the room before getting such a fish.

Thank you bettababy for you reply!!!

"Fish are friends not food"
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Originally Posted by bettababy View Post
Personally, I think you'd have better luck and more enjoyment out of the cichlid tank you mentioned, and it would surely be much easier.

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I think keeping a tank for a single species is much more interesting most of the time. That's just my opinion. Your 55 should be just fine for him, but I don't think many other fish would work well if they are small when the ghost knife gets bigger. But think of it this way. If you devote the tank entirely to the ghost knife, you'll be able to invest a lot of money and time to make his tank totally'll have more resources for additional plants and decorations as opposed to more fish. That's my idea.

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