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and don't they grow relatively slowly? i plan on getting a large tank and the ghost knife is sort of my leverage to insure that i do get one lol hes still the fave of the tank
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I had one they are pretty shy fish to start with, eats like a big but most of the time hides haha
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Yes, the BGK get big, and he will eventually outgrow the 50g; however, they do grow slowly. The first two weeks or so that I had by BGK he stayed hidden unless it was feeding time, however, he is out and about and very nosy now. They are very shy and they are nocturnal, although they can adapt to the lgiht and will eventually (at least mine did) learn to come out during the daylight hours. I actually had to move him to my 20g growout take with a very juvenile jag in it until we reframe our 125g (next week or so) and then our other juv jag will be moved to the 125g and my BGK can safely go to the 120g. He was nipping the fins of my large black angel I put in last weekend and that is not acceptable at my house! I love watching him though so we will just move him to another tank and watch him there.
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if they are shy then if youv got the room, try getting a couple more,safty in numbers u know? also, in do a sort of artifitial sun rise/set, close or open the curtains, depending on morning or night, switch the lamp that i have next 2 the tank on or off then finally the fish tank light, some of my fish are shy and get scared when we switch the light on so i do that ans there much better now, plus it provides an opertunity for fish that dont come out much and arent nocturnal to look around while useing the darkness as cover, just until they get used to the tank

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I know that BGK get to over 10'' long, but i was wondering at what rate do they get to that length. I have a BGK that is about 2 1/2'' long. I have a 30 gal. I want to know if it'll be a while before they get past 6'' so i can plan on an upgrade. If they grow pretty quickly, I probably should return it...
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