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dinosaur Birchir

They.. are ... freaking awsome...

anyone know much about them?

its the first time ive ever seen one in a store but i think its well worth the 40$!
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I don't know much about them from experience, but 40$? Wowie they go for around 15$ here in NC.
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there 7 here in michigan lol
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it depends on size and suply and demand, I havent seen them anywhere but the one store

Senegal Bichir is the correct name, these are about 4 inches long.

Will they work in a 35 gal long?
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here in michigan you can get them at all different sizes but the general price is about 7 dollars
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Originally Posted by GregV
Will they work in a 35 gal long?
Will work for one Senegal bichir as a grow-out tank. They're best kept in a 4-footer tank. Height of tank will not matter but do provide a glass cover as these are excellent escape artists.

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They get around 10-12" and would live no problem in a 60 gallon. If given proper diet and room they will grow quickly and like Lupin said they are great at escaping from tanks.

Like others senes go for about 5-20 here but a fish is worth what the person will pay so if you are in love with it as i am with bichirs by all means pick it up and let the collecting begin.
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Im really tempted, I have talked to a few people about them, and said with care they are awsome

but im stuck weather i want one or not, im thinking now though that i will just wait until I get a bigger tank to have one.
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