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dinosaur bichir

This is a discussion on dinosaur bichir within the Ancient Fish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> No its not true. They will keep growing (a lot slower) but will still grow and have major damage done to there body. Most ...

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No its not true. They will keep growing (a lot slower) but will still grow and have major damage done to there body. Most isnt visible but ive seen some really messed up fish that were kept in tanks to small. bent backs, folded tails, scraped off faces. Its a terrorable idea.

missusmcmattern29- you can feed them any meaty items. I feed mine: squid, whitefish, convicts, talipia, red/blood/black/earth worms, krill, prawns, pellets. I dont feed any of my fish goldfish or commets. And mine go to the top to get air all the time, well my ornate doesnt but all my other bichirs do.

Mine has grown from 2"-9" in about 3.5-4 months
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I have a dinosaur bichir that is almost 6" long in a 120 gallon community aquarium along with and various tetras. It was added to the tank after the other fish had been in the tank for at least four months. It is a real baby. It doesn't bother any of the other fish. It swims up to the top of the tank to eat frozen brine shrimp. As long as you have lots of rocks for it to hide under and add it last when it is under 3" long you should have no problem with this amazing creature.
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