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The eggs float so normally attach to the walls and ceiling of the cave. Once they hatch, they wll initially stay kinda stuck where they were as eggs, but will fall down as they absorb their yolk sack. They are tiny, so if you have a magnifying glass, you should be able to detect movement. They look like eyes with small transparent tails. Sounds perfectly normal. Congrats!

They take 3-4 days to hatch (depending on temperature) but another week or more to become free swimming. The male can get VERY aggressive while guarding. If you have another tank to put the female and ram(s) in, it may be best.

He should not bother the fry. Does he look like this now?

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He doesn't look quite like that. His face is similar but his fins are more of a blackish-blue similar to the body color you see in that picture. His body is still a rusty orange-red.

However, I think the eggs have hatched and I've got fry! Much different than the kribensis fry I'm used to. Those have orange eggs and when they hatch, the pre-free-swimming fry are little vibrating brown specs. These things look like tiny little dragonfly larvae, or something. Dark spots (eyes?) near the front end but they're longer and thinner than I expected. They also seem to be pretty much motionless and many are stuck on the walls of the cave rather than the floor. He's still guarding them aggressively and doesn't tolerate the ram being in the area. The ram has learned his lesson and keeps his distance from the male (who is now as big or maybe even slightly bigger than the ram) so hopefully some fry will survive to adulthood.

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Ive been following this thread for quite awhile, but since i know nothing about this species of fish i just continued to read and not put in any input..........Congrats on the successful hatching!...............Been looking for something to breed on the smaller size (under 4") that i have never had before, and i find this fish very interesting..........I might have to do my research and setup a tank and see if i can have the same success...........Iamntatman, depending on where you are in MD, there is a breeder/importer in York PA that deals in these fish, amongst other smaller fish like apistos and kribs, and i do believe i have seen these fish in her breeding room......Just thought you would like to know in case you want to up your breeding stock..........Google "The amazon basement".........The peoples names are Bev and Dale......very nice folks to deal with....Just wanted to pass that along.........Congrats again on the success you had!
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I was innitially advised to take the male out after they became free swimming, but the last time they bred, I didn't have a tank available to put him in (had some Rasbora breeding also, and they DO eat their eggs). So I chanced it and left them all together.

The male has strong parental instincts, much like the Convicts I'd bred years and years ago. He never moved them, but would chase them away from what he saw as 'danger' and stand between the fry and the 'danger.' The danger was usually ME, dropping a worm near him so he'd eat!

My male looks as you described your male when I had him over regular gravel (earth tones). But, as my name here indicates, I got involved in aquatic plants and had changed my 'dirt' to a black colored dirt more suitable for the plants I wanted to grow. He keeps his body's background less red and more black now I think to match the dirt, and the blue fins get more blue the more excited he is about something. I guess that's how they get the nickname 'Chameleon Fish' !!

Post pics of the fry if you can. They do remind me of dragonflies, now that you said that. Long body, eyes way out in front.
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I've got fry again! I wanted the male to use the cave I provided so I could transplant the eggs to their own tank to raise them alone. He had other ideas, and decided to dig UNDER the cave I provided. I waited a week and then used a gravel vac to syphon the area he was guarding.

I lost count at 100 fry!

No idea how many normally survive, but I'm hoping more than would live finding infusoria in the main tank. They are picking at the Java moss, driftwood and sponge filter I have in a bare tank. So far, no ammonia, but I'll still do a water change on Sunday like I do all my tanks. I check their water daily just in case, to know if I should do a partial water change in between the normal schedule. They are starting to chase the Banana worms I drop in, so hopefully it will help them grow faster. I feed the worm culture some flake food and shrimp pellets, hoping they will learn to eat it as juvies because they had a taste of it early in life (might be wishful thinking lol).

How are your fry coming along?
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Ancient thread!

I haven't seen anymore eggs or fry since this initial batch, but I had one survivor out of that group who is now decently sized (maybe about 3/4ths the size of the adult female). He (she? I think the fry is female) is pretty dopey about eating so that could be the reason it hasn't grown so fast. Anyway, the male is quite the jerk lately. He hangs out near his log and doesn't really appreciate the presence of either the female or their kid and chases them both away. The two other fish don't seem to mind one another but have staked out separate territories. These three are currently housed with a few zebra danios. I still haven't gotten them to eat any prepared foods (one will occasionally "taste" a flake and spit it right out) so they're still on live and frozen foods. That male is quite mean to the others but damage is rare and trivial so I'm not too worried about it.

Very predatory fish, by the way! I bought a bunch more danios a while back, thinking they'd just school with the others and be fine, but when I got home I realized they were a good deal smaller. I acclimated them to the tank, let them swim free and all seemed well and good for the first hour or so. A few hours later, all four of the new young danios were gone and I had a very fat male badis.

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Good to hear from you iamntbatman!

My male badis lives with microrasbora and I've yet to see him chase the fry I get in there. I guess every fish has its own personality.

I've not tried to leave mine all together. I've always seperated the females into another tank once he's got eggs to guard. He's been quite aggressive with his 'girls' and I've had to treat small wounds most times, even when I have 4 females in together with him. It spreads the aggression out I'm sure, but he's still a putz about the way he handles them. Maybe he would be better if he had a larger tank?

I raise blackworms to condition them with for breeding and have kept some in a small pot half-filled with gravel. They really enjoy the 'hunt' for worms. I used silicon to cover the holes the terracotta pot had in the bottom for drainage. The saucer that goes under the pot to catch water that would drip out the holes makes a perfect 'lid' for the pot. Makes it a breeze to just put the lid on when transferring the worms from their own dedicated tank to the badis tank.
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I haven't really seen any more breeding attempts, only aggression when they do clash heads, so I may just separate them completely.

Mine also love blackworms. I can't believe yours don't go after the tiny microrasboras! I have quite the guppy population and I had never even fed any to the badis to provoke the predation on the danios but now that I know just how much they enjoy eating fish they do help keep the guppy numbers under control.

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I'll see if I can find a picture of him 'sharing' frozen bloodworms with Chili Rasbora. He is not aggressive with them at all and if one grabs for a worm he was headed toward, he just looks for another one. Even the juvie rasbora that have no color yet, so maybe 1/4 of an inch long, swim near him and he makes no move toward them. My hubby thinks its because he thinks its his fry!

Such a gentlemen, until he has eggs/fry to guard, then its a different story. What do they call that? Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
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