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African Butterfly Fish and African Leaf Fish

You should be fine having two African Leaf Fish and one African Butterfly Fish in a long thirty gallon tank, but there are some things that you should know about them first. The first thing you should know is one of your African Leaf Fish will most likely dominate the other African Leaf Fish in the tank, just like in my tank. The second thing you should know is that the African Butterfly Fish will most likely eat crickets but it is possible to get it eating fish flakes. The easiest way that I have found that has gotten my two African Butterfly Fish, which by the way have to be in different tanks because they tried to kill each other, to eat fish flakes was to put them in the tank with the African Leaf Fish which ate both the fish flakes and the crickets. The reason why I think this got my African Butterfly Fish to start eating fish flakes instead of crickets is because they saw how the African Leaf fish liked the taste of both the fish flakes and the crickets, note this is not for certain but this is what I believe got them to eat the fish flakes because they wouldn't even try to eat the fish flakes until I decided to put an african leaf fish in each of their tanks. Another thing that I think you should know, that I have learned from my experience with my two African Leaf Fish, is that they are VERY aggressive and will most likely not let you have any other fish, including some Cichlids and even six inch long dragon gobies, with them unless if you have put them in the same tank from the moment you first got the African Leaf Fish, but this still is not a guarantee that they won't attack or kill other fish. The last thing that you should know about African Leaf Fish is that they are very cool to look at and they will eat just about anything you put in the tank such as shrimp, crickets, Cichlid pellets, Cichlid flakes, and goldfish flakes.
There are also a few pieces of info that I want you to know about the ABS. The first is don't listen to people telling you that they will eat frozen brine shrimp because this is not true due to the fact that ABS will not eat any foods that DO NOT FLOAT, but they will eat SMALL LIVE crickets, small LIVE insects, small top swimming fish, and may even eat fish flakes. Another piece of info you should know is you HAVE to have a lid that DOES NOT leave ANY OPENINGS THAT ARE LARGE ENOUGH FOR THE ABS to fit its body through because they love to jump and may even end up jumping out of your tank. The thing that I suggest you do to insure that your ABS doesn't jump out of your tank is to get a tight fitting lid and then use cardboard or some other material like that and build a little enclosed area around where your tank filter is because as I found out the hard way they might jump out of the tank in that spot.
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Originally Posted by teddyzaper View Post

im planning on getting a few african leaf fish and i have many questions.

specs: 30gal long soon to be planted tank

the tank is currently filled but has some fungus or something in it (putting a post in to figure that out) it has 6 rummy nose and 1 pleco. the pleco will be moved to a 55gal and the rummies will go into q/t for fungus. once that is done they will go into a future 20gal tank.

im gonna post also in the other thread how to get rid of all the fungus.

so ill be pretty much starting with a brand new tank. i will keep the current plants and stuff but the benificial bacteria will be gone.

how long will it take for the whole tank to be mature if i start over? (aprox.)
how many leaf fish can i put in a 30gal long? (it will be a species tank)
how heavil planted do they need? i read just enough to feel secure.
can i put some african butterfly fish in with them?
do they jump?
what do i feed juvinials to adults? do i buy feeder fish at a pet store?
do they need anything specific, like soft sand or dark colored stuff?
i read that they like shade, is this true if so i have a lot of floating 4 leaf clover looking things that should cover it well?

the plants i plan on putting in and current ones:
contortion vals
flame moss
petite nana
and some unknown comon stuff

apongeton capuronii
echinodorus amazonicus
echinodorus ozelot (2)
nymphaea rubra

any additional info would be gratly apreciated.

I had an african butterfly fish for awhile, he got along with most of the different fish I had ACCEPT for my nippy rosy barb and little guppies, he ate 1 adolescent one that swam by him, and never tried to defend himself against the barb occasionally nipping at his tendrils -or the goldfish that liked barreling into him- he'd always just swim away. All he did was hang out and glide around at the top, sometimes he'd swim down at night but go right up again, didn't bother any of the fish. From my experience, they do well with any fish as long as they're not nippy or very small top dwellers.
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Yes my African Butterfly fish does the same thing as yours. It loves to swim and glide at the top and doesn't really have any problems with my other fish unless they try to nip at him or come too close to his territory.
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