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55 Gallon Tankmates and new here!

Hey sup all! New here to the forum and thought I would try and see what you all thought of this.

I have a 55 gallon that right now that has
1 Albino Cory Cat
1 Golden Algae eater
2 silver dollars
1 Segenal Bichir (aka Godzilla!)

Trying to see what would make a good tank mate(s) with these guys. Any Ideas be awesome!
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Forgot to add, Reason I posted here is because its the Segenal Bichir I am mainly concerned with finding a good tank mate.
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You need more corries at least 4 but 6-8+ would be much better.

Phil :)
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I think the bichir, once fully grown, would eat the corydoras. I also think you'd need a bigger tank (75g or so) to house the bichir and silver dollars, which get pretty big. The silver dollars and corydoras should also be kept in groups of at least six. If I were you, I'd upgrade the tank, get some more silver dollars, trade in the cory for some larger catfish that won't get eaten (some type of river syno would be nice) and then maybe add some other peaceful fish too large for the bichir to eat. Someone else on this forum keeps bichirs with leopard ctenopoma without issue, so that's something you might want to try (although you'd need a lot of silk plants to make them feel comfortable; live plants won't work with silver dollars as they'll just get eaten).

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Hey Thanks! I do plan on upgrading my tank down the road. Might just jump the 75g and go with a 125g, that is, if I am able to. Right now though, every fish I have in there are about the same size, so I know he cant eat any of them...yet. I have seen him (the bichir) nipping at the fish here and there, but for the most part, they seem to get along decently enough.

I will admit, I am still a noob at keeping fish...I caved to a desire though and got a couple of Small Balas and another cat fish to put in the tank. Right now they all seem to get along and I am aware of how big the Balas will get. Hence why I do plan to get the 125g down the road.

Ya...This shall be interesting :) I shall indeed head your advice though! Thank you!
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