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Wrong Gourami

Well, a couple weeks ago I went to the fish store with the intention of getting a dwarf gourami. I recently realized that it is not a dwarf gourami, but a gold gourami - not quite sure how that happened...

Anyway, here is my tank specs, should I swap out the gold for a dwarf? Or will this be ok. Also, he is very shy; is this common? Would it help to get a second?

29-tall, planted
5 glass catfish
1 cory cat
1 anglefish
1 gold gourmai

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Hi, It happened to me too. I think its a good fish to keep but you need only one with that amount of surface area two males may fight with the added stress of an angle fish, these two are'nt supposed to work together but they might because each is alone. The gold is attentive and should center up with the angle if they get along.Mine are dine together.
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Ok thanks.
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Maybe u shd add a pic, cos u might be confusing the colisa chuna with a gold gourami. A colisa chuna stays small. A gold gourami is actually a color morph of the three-spot gourami (trichogaster trichopterus) and will grow to 4-5 inches. Its a beautiful and interesting fish, but is very dominant and territorial....so much that it will stress out its tankmates (they'll die) if the tank isn't big enuf...and 29g isnt big enuf.

Is it yellow with black stripes on the back, like a tiger....then u have a gold gourami. Usually juveniles that are sold are already bigger than dwarfs

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47 gallon (180 litre) colisa tank
106 gallon (400 litre) Gourami tank
317 gallon (1200 litre) angelfish tank
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id be worried about the Glass Catfish. are they Debuwai Catfish or Ghost Glass Catfish?


Thanks to me, my family lives in a zoo. Could the always increasing number of fish, 3 Snails, 9 Shrimp, 3 Caudates, Dog, Cat, and 2 Birds POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with it?
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