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All gouramis are a little aggressive, particularly with each other, and especially the males. However, Blues (which Goldens are a form of) aren't so bad that you can't put them in most community aquaria. They'll chase each other around a bit, but that's just entertainment. They can get territorial with each other as they grow, too, so do up your aquascape to provide multiple zones for them to claim. Also, the more of them you have in the tank, the less aggression will touch any one of them (remember, the vectors of aggression increase by the factorial, so with 2 fish aggression can only 2 ways, whereas when you have 5 fish, there are 120 different ways aggression can flow. Much less abuse to any given fish.)

I recommend keeping at least three, preferably one male and 2 females, and for this you need at least 55 gallons at full growth (60 would be better, but 55 should be OK if you aquascape it to divide the sight lines up into 3 zones and make some nice thickets of stem plants in the back and corners.)

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yea i think im going to need a bigger tank or the one being chased is going to die. It doesnt even eat when I feed them. It waits till the food falls to the bottom, while the other two eat at the top.
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The fish died like two days later.
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Learning, thanks.
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This is a common story with gourami. As earlier members noted, all gourami males are territorial. This manifests itself in varying degrees depending upon the species, and sometimes depending upon individual fish within a species. But the point is that a male gourami is much like a male cichlid, it has a territory and it does not welcome intruders. This is the fish's natural instinct, we cannot change it. Why a particular fish may be more tolerant of others we don't know.

Several species are in our profiles (second tab fro the left in the blue bar across the top of the page) and for each it gives recommended numbers of male/female according to the norm for the species.

Sometimes we humans feel we have to experience things for ourselves, but staying within the guidelines is safer and may prevent trouble.


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