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Originally Posted by crazyfish View Post
similar to my philosophy. I don't mind a bit of animation in the tank as long as there is no harm done... I haven't seen any damage on either fish yet.
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Originally Posted by Crazyfish View Post
Similar to my philosophy. I don't mind a bit of animation in the tank as long as there is no harm done... I haven't seen any damage on either fish yet.

Quite honestly you probably won't see any damage. One will just turn up dead one day. I've seen a lot of people try this and more often than not that's how it ends.

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If you could put more than one Dwarf Gourami or Betta in a tank... quite frankly... what would be the point of having other fish in the hobby?

There are ways, but they are never what people think of when they build a tank.

Such anabantids are not world class swimmers, and so, with space, you can keep more of them in a large tank. This has been done in tanks as small as the common 4' 55gallon, but is much more common in larger tanks. By more, this means two... for the 55.

In the smaller tank ranges, this is done by absolutely filling the tank with plants to the point of being unable to see the fish, and lowering the water level to about 8 inches. The plants grow out of the water and become quite robust. The lowered water level keeps them from jumping out. This is not usually what people want.

Larger tanks, like a fairly well planted 125g, you can keep two. Take the tank size and divide by 60... that is pretty close to the number of SMALL Anabantids that can coexist in the same tank.

But really, the by far easiest and by far best way is to use opaque PHYSICAL dividers in the tank to break it up into smaller. Then you can easily get one per foot. Just remember all of them are SKILLED jumpers. This is easily overcome by the fact that they do not require deep water.

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Well, i dont like physical barriers because I want the fish to interact... i do afterall have a community tank. They do fight and chase occasionally but as long as they are active and healthy, i am ok with it. Now that i have added more fish to the tank, they are much more calm...

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