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Slightly bloated Opaline gourami with small, flaky growth behind right, front fin.

Title pretty much says it all. Can really describe the growth as anything else. Its almost like a large, whitish pimple just behind the fin. And he's appears to have gained some weight rather quickly. Hopefully pictures will shed some light. Fyi, I know gouramis are natural top dwellers, but this one resides on the bottom out of habit after months of being bullied by my other, gold gourami.

What is it, what's causing it, and most importantly, what can I do to stop it? Any help would be appreciated.
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Constipation? Try feeding a pea without the skin. That's my guess. I never really and any diseases.
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You can try feeding some freeze dried planktom or blood worms along with the pea to clean it out. You can also give it a bath in epson salt as it is a natural laxative. As for the growth, is it on the surface or below? It is hard to tell from the photo. If on the surface, I'd net the fish and use a Q-Tip to rub a little formalin on the spot. You could also give it a salt bath, not epson salt, aquarium salt, and add some Methlyen Blue.

Hope something helps. I would also guess that both gouramis are males and the gold is just claiming the tank as his.
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I've never given a fish a "bath" before nor manually applied medicine. Thanks for the tip though, I'll research that. You couldn't point me to a thread for beginners in that area could you?
Unfortunately, she's a lot worse. She's laying on her side and the wound (it is below the skin) has opened up; almost like the flesh around it has been eaten away. She's breathing slowly but steadily. Went down the pet store yesterday and had them test the water. Nitrate levels were a little high, but apart from that everything was fine. Described the symptoms and they suggested Melafix or something like that. Applied some last night. She's still alive but doesn't seem to be any better. Won't eat anything. And she's changed position since last night, so I can no longer view the injury. I'd post pictures, but she's in a ditch, so I can't get a clear shot. I'm afraid of touching her too much because I don't want to aggravate her healing process.

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When my fish get sick I use a breeder net that suction cups the the glass to separate them from the rest so that they don't get picked on and so that I can monitor if they are eating. I don't think an Epsom Salt bath would hurt an open wounds but using aquarium salt might. Epsom salt is supposed to relax the muscles causing the fish to expel. I'm afraid that she's do stressed out that even trying this could be detrimental but you don't knew unless you do.

Good luck.
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Yeah, I'm gonna be picking up a goldfish bowl or something soon so I can monitor her more easily, assuming she lives till then. All the skin behind the fins are starting to dull to grey or something. I'm thinking she's probably on her way out but I don't know what else to do.
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So I managed to get her into a hospital tank and took some much clearer photos. I'm actually a bit surprised because the wound seems slightly less prominent than yesterday.I know she looks dead, but she's still breathing steadily and still has control of her muscles. So can anyone tell me what it is now?
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